This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

February 2, 2011


Como esta mi familia?!

I'm here in Peru and all is well! You should see it here. It is such an
eye opener. We have it so good in America. We are so incredibly
blessed. Just being here in the CCM makes you really grateful. There
are some really ghetto places, but there are also some really wealthy
places also... I haven't seen any of the rich areas yet. We got here at
like 1am last night (the CCM) which is MTC in español. Yeah, these
keyboards have a ñ button. Anyway... it was a long long trip but we
made it and its so awesome here! Actually being here in Peru is pretty
surreal. When our flight finally reached South America, it felt weird!
I am 4,000 miles away right now! The time is only 1 hour ahead. So no
jet lag. I was so happy to talk to all of you on the phone! Even
though the boys were basically asleep. I doubt they even remember
talking to me! But yeah I was up for almost a full 24 hours yesterday,
and after we settled into our rooms a little bit, we finally got to
sleep at around 1:30. My new companion is Elder Rodriguez and he is
from Guatemala. He is 25! Pretty crazy, but they're all really nice.
Today we woke up at 5:45. Our comps were up and ready to go. They got
here yesterday at around 10pm. So I couldn't get back to sleep, and
figured Id just wake up and take a shower. We went to breakfast. This
is what we had. Some scrambled eggs w/sliced hot dogs. Two rolls. A
WEIRD warm fruit drink, and some cereal with a runny yogurt over the
top of it. Yummm. Its also a big rule here to finish everything on
your plate. If not, you get in trouble. Anyway, after that we had
interviews with the CCM Presidente, President Whetten. He knows John
Ford, and he is from Layton. So tell John that he says hello! Haha.
Apparently John is his dentist. So yeah! Pretty weird how many
connections i´ve been making since being on my mission. I love it. I
already know that i´ve made friendships that will last much longer
than these two years! Today has been a pretty relaxed day. We hot our
heads buzzed. That is a requirement for every missionary. Straight
buzzed head. #2 haha. So we all look like were in the army or
something. After lunch we changed and played soccer!! They have the
sweetest soccer field here. Its a turf field!! And it has nets like
30+ feet high to catch the ball when it goes up. We played for like an
hour an a half and worked up a much needed sweat!! So much fun. The
native elders are so ridiculously good. I can´t wait to get home and
play for college. I really want to. My ankle is feeling really good as
well. Thank heavens. The doctor at the MTC gave me a brace before I
left which was nice. So i´m doing really so good here in Peru. :) I
love it so much! We get to go to the temple next Wednesday and shop
for an hour and a half. All of the elders that have been here for a
while all have the sweet hats that you wanted mom! They have sweet
ties and bags as well. So, if I heard correctly, I will get to buy
some fun Peruvian swag! Haha. I have figured out how to attach
pictures! Mannny more to come, I hope you enjoy them! I will be
sending another email with more pictures in just a second!! So enjoy!
I love you all and you are all in my prayers. :) Have an awesome week
and I will talk to you again very soon!


Elder Jordan Van Christensen

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