This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

February 23, 2011

Family!!! Much love...‏

Ahh.. My wonderful family and other loved ones!
This week truly has flown by. I was so surprised on Sunday, I was
like, wow! This week is already gone. Its crazy how time goes by in
the mission. Dad, I guess you're right... I'm 25% done. Weird to think
So about our investigators. We have 4 people with a baptismal date and
they are for sure gonna be dunked, if it be the Lords will! We have
Nidian this Saturday, and 3 members of the Vilca family on the 26th.
There are a lot of more people that can be baptized this month, all we
need to do is to be obedient, and WORK. This last Saturday we
organized an activity called "Puertas Abiertas". Which means "Open
Doors" in English. We printed out 1,250 cards that we passed out to
the organizations in our ward, and we passed out ourselves. Also we
appeared on 2 TV stations, with a personal interview. Who knew that my
15 minutes of fame would be in Peru? Hahaha it really was so awesome.
One station made a copy of the interview, but they cant find it
somehow.. So we'll be nagging them to find it so I can send it home!
Anyway, on Saturday about 40 people showed up. A ton less than we were
hoping for. But, nonetheless, it was a success! We have their
addresses, names, and phone numbers. The only thing is, is that almost
all of the references we have are in another sector.... Sweet! But I
don't have a problem as long as they work and baptize them all! ;)
Also, on Sunday early in the morning we get a call from the ZL's
saying that they have a baptism this morning but they don't have
electricity or running water in their chapel at the moment. So we
change, and run to our chapel to start filling the font. Normally it
takes 1 hour to fill, but we got 3 buckets of water and filled it that
way as well. It took us 25 minutes! We were running around like
chickens with our heads cut off, but we got it done! I ended up with 2
cuts on my hand, and some wet pants. Haha, I don't know how I got cut,
but I just happened to look down at my hand and blood was dripping on
the floor. Haha, so yeah. They had their baptism, it went well, and
the water was freezing! Hahaha. We as a zone have a goal of 41
baptisms this month. Wow. Our goal is 5. I have faith that we will be
able to complete with our goal. I am sure with the help of our Savior,
we can accomplish all things! Like it says in Moroni 7:33. Look it up!
Well, other than these little things, not a lot has happened this
week! The work is progressing really well, and there are many people
to baptize. We are working hard everyday, and Mom, I'm keeping my
promise. I'll keep it forever! I love you so much mom, thanks so much
for your email. Oh, by the way I got the letter with the pictures from
Christmas last Monday, I forgot to tell you. And the letter from Aunt
Jacquie as well! Tell her thank you! And I will write Gram and Gramps
and tell them thank you! How nice of them!! :) Oh and Mom, Ash's
birthday is on May 9th! How sweet of her to remember your birthday? :)
I don't have much time left, I hope that this email finds all of you
safe and sound! I miss you tons, but as I focus more and more on the
work, its easier to not feel homesick. I thank the Lord everyday for
this amazing opportunity I have to share this gospel with the people
here in Peru!
Los quiero muchooo!! Cuidanse! Tu hermano, hijo, y amigo Peruano...
Elder Jordan Van Christensen
PS - Enjoy the pics, they are a few from my time in Puno! 

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