This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

February 4, 2011

My first area!!‏

Hola familia y a todos!

Wow, where to begin! I don't know how I can fit all that has happened
in this last week. We went proselyting on Saturday again to the same
place as last time. We were set up with the same missionary we had
before and we got to work. At the beginning of the day we didn't have
any members or anyone with us. We were on our own. We visited a lady
that we met with last week and talked about el Libro De Mormon, and
long story short, she didn't read it so we committed her to read it
again and pray about it. After that we walked to the main park and
placed a Libro De Mormon with an hermano that ended up being a really
nice guy. He thought that the book costed money and we kinda laughed
when he said, "¿cuanto cuesta?" So we told him it was free, but I made
him promise me he would read it. It was pretty cool. Now, after lunch
we went with the missionary and committed 3 more inactives to come to
church, but then we walked about a mile down this highway and knocked
probably 8 doors without luck. It was getting to be time to head home,
so we decided we would only knock one more before turning around and
heading back to the capilla. Before we walk up to this door, I am
praying so hard that we would be able to find just one more
investigator, and just teach one more time. So we walk up to the door
and knock, without an answer. I look around the corner and find
another door, and we all just kinda walked up to it without saying
anything. We knocked on the door, and to make a long story short, we
found the PERFECT family! They were amazing. We taught them, and
committed the 15 yr old, Roberto to attend church on Sunday, as well as
his aunt Judy, 20. The mom said that she might go, but she was
optimistic! Jaja, man, it was so amazing. We left and said a prayer
thanking our Heavenly Father for helping us find that family! Its
amazing because we weren't even supposed to be in that area... Shh. :)
But yeah. I was stoked!

So on Tuesday we left for Cusco! We got to the airport and boarded our
plane. Its only a short hour to Cusco and 24hrs in a bus. Pretty crazy
huh? So after we arrived in Cusco, we got off the plane old fashioned
style with the stairs, and met our mission president! He is truly an
amazing man. He is funny and nice, but he is sure strict! I am only
allowed to send one email each week. Bummer... But I can write letters
still! So... I also found out that the CCM had the wrong address for
our mission. The REAL address is:

John Beau Giles
Elder Jordan Christensen
Jiron Ricardo Palma
Manzana A. Lote 2- 4 Piso
Urb. Santa Monica
Cusco Perù

Dad, I'm sorry! I had no idea that it was missing a whole line! In the
CCM they totally have the wrong address. I don't know what will happen
to my Scriptures. Hopefully they will come through by some miracle, but
if not I hope they don't charge you to send them again. I feel so bad,
I'm sorry. Everyone that writes me needs to write "John Beau Giles" on
the address of letters and everything. Its hard to explain, but its
easiest that way. It eliminates complications basically.

Okay, so on Tuesday we went to the mission home, which is incredibly
nice. I have a picture of it with the email. We had a meeting and
lunch, then we went to the capilla and had our changes meeting.
Transfers, but they call them changes. So I found out that my first
area will be...... Puno!!! I'm right on Lake Titticaca! Or however you
spell it. So after I found out where I was going, they told me that
they're putting me on a bus that night. Wait, what?? Its already 9pm,
and they put me on a bus that left at 10 for Puno. It was 7 hours
of.... I don't know. But it wasn't very pleasant. I tried to sleep but
was hardly able to. So anyway, my comp is Elder Sanchez and he is way
cool! He is from Perù and has been out for 15 months. We get along
well, but he sure talks quick I constantly have to tell him to talk
slower, jaja. But the language is coming along and I can understand
most of what people say. Con tiempo, no sabia hablar mucho español,
pero me enseñaro hablar español el señor por medio de mi compañeros..
Por que mejorado mi español. Entonces, I have much to learn! But I
know that I am here to learn the language and with the help of the
Lord, I can do all! Thank you all for keeping me in your prayers! I
can feel them helping me grow and learn. Keep them coming yeah? I will
write those of you who emailed me!

I have to close for now, hasta la proxima semana!

Con amor,
Elder Jordan Van Christensen

 Arrived in Cusco!
 We taught an hermano here
 The amazing family we found!
Mission home!

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