This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

February 7, 2011


Holaaaaa como stannnn??

Well everyone, I'm here in Juliaca. The land of dust, mud, bitter
cold, wind, and RAIN. Parts of this city are really ugly, not gonna
lie. My ward is Wiracocha. Were actually right in the city, which is
pretty nice. Wiracocha is Quechua for God, or Lord. So, not too bad
right? Well, honestly, I really am loving it here. I already almost
have a week here and we had 2 baptisms! We have so many more coming up
as well! For the month of February we have the goal of 5 baptisms. But
I am confident that we will have more than that. We have been
"meticulously" obedient (I don't think I'll ever forget that from my
setting apart blessing) and we've really been seeing the blessings.
For example, we have literally had people come looking for us to be
baptized. There is a lady that is 83 years old and has bad problems
with her spine. She cant walk, but she wants to be baptized. So we
will do all that we can to help her be baptized. I'll carry her into
the water if I have to. The city yeah, physically isn't all that great.
BUT, thank heavens that the work is PROGRESSING!!!! I thank the Lord
each night for this change, even though I really didn't want to leave
Puno. I know that this change is just what I needed. My comp is Elder
Parraga, and is AWESOME! I almost want to cry, because I finally have
such an awesome comp. He's obedient, likes to joke, and we get along
really well. He will finish his mission this change, so that means
I'll be here for at least another change. I can already tell you that
I will learn so much this change. Our room is pretty small, but its
all good. The shower is cold, most days. We live with our Pensionista
again! So awesome. She cooks really good food as well. It literally is
freezing here. I study with a coat, blanket, my scarf, and gloves. It
rains like everyday. Dogs walk around like people. The roads aren't
paved. Well, in the center they are. Lots of mud. I almost got bit by
a wild dog the other day walking at around 8:30. It was dark and I
about stepped on his head. Jaja, but I dodged it!

Mom, I'm really sorry to scare you! Trust me though, I am safe and
sound. This area in Juliaca, there are more problems with "robbing",
but I'm not worried. I'm at least 6-8" taller than everyone here in
Peru, jaja.

Man, I don't have a lot of time. Bridger, just realize that girls are
like that man. She should trust you. Trust is the most important thing
in a relationship. I'll hand write you more details about this.

Ash, i love to read your blogs! I'm sorry I don't have time today, I'll
hand write you okay? Hope you're safe! Keep having awesome
experiences! Miss you.

Well fam, I know it's short, just know that I love each and EVERY ONE
of you so so much. I will talk to you next week! Enjoy the photos.
Baptisms of Milagros and her brother Nicolas. :) Gotta love it!!!!

Your son and brother and friend,

Elder Christensen

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