This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

February 4, 2011


Hey everyone!!
I figured I´d email on moms account for a change. Well, this week has
 been pretty crazy! I cannot tell you how much I loved conference!!! We
 were the ONLY people in the nation of Perú who got to watch conference
 live! How rad is that? It was a much needed boost. I loved hearing the
 music. Wow, it really almost made me cry! Just watching them sing
 English hymns was sooo awesome. I loved all the talks, and I thought
 of everyone and what they might be doing at that time they were on.
 Priesthood session was bomb. I could imagine Dad and the boys at the
 stake center watching it and how Dad would have to keep them awake,
 jaja. I bet he was getting after the boys about the talk on teens and
 parents. How nothing good happens at night! Its true! So listen to Dad
 Bridge and Eth! We have been doing a lot of enseñansas which are
 teachings in English. Its all fake, but it really makes you dig deep
 into whatever Español vocab you have. Each of the companionship's get a
 situation and they are told how to act, and what problems they have,
 etc. So you can prepare to teach the Restoration, and have to get into
 the word of wisdom, or the Resurrection. So its pretty intense. But
 its awesome, and I love it! I´m kind of struggling right now with the
 language I think. Its hard to understand the grammar and what not.
 However I have been praying, and I feel like maybe I have gotten over
 this temporary struggle. I am fine though, so don't worry about me!
 Last week we played soccer and I got a BAD turf burn on my leg. It was
 super swollen, and now its bruised. But the MTC presidents wife had me
 take some antibiotics just in case. So its not infected! Hooray!
 The Temple was so awesome today! It always is so great. We had a good
 session, and today I didn't use the translator. I am grateful for how
 much I went before my mission because it had definitely benefited me
 here. I am able to understand more than I thought!
 How is everything going at home? What is going on in the world? I will
 have to email Eric today, I know Rachel said that, but we are family.
 Were brothers... duh. So yeah. It´ll be fun to talk to him for a bit.
 Forward him some pictures for me yeah?
 On Monday we had Immigration which was super boring, but again, it
 was super nice to get out of the CCM. I cannot get over how bad the
 traffic system is here! Maybe not the traffic system, but the people
 are just nuts! Constantly honking. Constantly. Nothing like Utah. Its
 scary because people always will just cross the street, and on Monday
 I almost watched a little sedan get creamed by a dump truck. I was
 like "OhhhHHHH crap!!!" Jaja, needless to say, I thought he was about
 to lose his life. But people are so calm about pulling in front of
 other cars. Taxis especially. Today I thought we were about to get
 t-boned. He pulled out in the street 20 feet in front of another car.
 Anyway. Mom, the hats are around less than 2 dollars a piece. Super
 cheap.Its like $1.75. I guess if you want me to send a package home
 its pretty expensive. Were talking, 35-40 bucks. Depending on size and
 weight. Keep in mind that 1 dollar = 2.77 soles ISH. Shirts are 10
 soles, jerseys are 15 soles, track jackets are like 35. There are a
 TON of different things we can get when we do our tour of the city
 next Wednesday. So you´ll have to tell me today what you want me to
 get, and how much of each. Like ASAP.
 The food here is seriously arroz con pollo every day. We have some
 interesting appetizers, if you remember the potatoes and the spicy
 sauce, we have that sometimes. Lets see, we have weird meat, and we
 think that it might be roadkill, or some stray dog that wandered past
 the CCM. So... its a little sketchy sometimes. Ive been feeling sick
 lately. I have a headache, and my stomach is pretty uneasy, and I just
 took a couple Excedrin. So we´ll see. But I'm good mom, don't worry.
 They take good care of us elders here in Perú.
 By the way I guess that my mission is pretty legit. There are only 6
 of us here in the CCM going to Cusco. Everyone we talk to is so
 jealous! Its pretty awesome. People say, all of you going to cusco,
 everyone here wants to be in your shoes so don't get cocky about it.
 Jajaja. I love it :) I'm so excited to get there!!!!
 Anyway, lets see... what else! Oh, get me Eric's address please! Thanks
 for the email. I love hearing about home. I look forward week to
 reading emails! I have only gotten emails from the family, and Erin. We
 email back and forth as well. So yeah! I love all of you so much. Keep
 me in your prayers! Enjoy the pictures, i think ill send more in a
 I have a little while longer on the computer so keep writing me back
 till i have to go okay?
  Elder Jordan Van Christensen

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