This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

February 5, 2011

PUNOOO elada!! Week of Nov. 8, 2010‏

¡¡Hola familia!!

Boy, this week has been filled with a ton of experiences! Where to
begin?? Well first off, by some tender mercy from the Lord, I have
received my scriptures!!!! I got the package!! Thank you sooo much! I
don't know how it got here, either do the elders in the office. They
are completely baffled. I was SO surprised to hear my name called at
the end of our district meeting and for them to hand me a package. I
couldn't believe it. That's the power of prayer I guess, right? I
fervently prayed that it would make it here, and sure enough, it came
:) What a simple, but strong testimony builder for me, and you too!!!

The work here in Puno is great! I love the ward, although EVERYONE is
late. We got there at 9am and found 12 or so people in the chapel. I
was so bummed! Pero, con tiempo, more and more people came until there
was about... oh... 70 members? So yeah! We have been getting a ton of
contacts, knocking doors, and all that missionary stuff. I am becoming
more comfortable in talking with the people. It can be pretty
discouraging to not know what anyone is saying, but I know that the
Lord remembers me and will help me speak this Español. It is His will
for me to preach the gospel here, and therefore, I am entitled as a
representante de Jesucristo a recibir el don del Lenguas. We have 4
people with baptismal dates, so pray that they will continue to have
the desire! The 20th, and the 27th.

So, we are living with a family in the ward, and she is our
pencionista! She cooks way good food, and her family is fantastic. She
has two sons, and a daughter. The dad is Oscar, and her name is
Judith. Her sons are 9 and 11 years old. Her daughter is only 3! She
is precious. But yeah, we have a good room! Our bathroom only has
running water during the morning and we have to use a bucket of water
to flush the toilet. Our shower is pretty small, and the water
basically trickles out. But its hot! So I'm grateful for that! We
really have it soo good. You all would be proud of me, I'm eating
tomatoes, and I now love bananas! She makes really good smoothies too
with mangoes, bananas, and other fruit. The climate here is SO weird.
The sun rises at like 5am, and goes down at 5pm. Its pretty hot during
the day and FREEZING at night! We are at around 14,000 ft. Our address
is, I'm not sure if it's right but....

Jr. Acora 468
Con Cancharani
Puno, Perù.

I will be sending a package your way sometime soon! No puede abrir
hasta Navidad. Its filled with a bunch of goodies! ;) If you can, I
would love something for Navidad! If you can, I have here a list of
things that I wouldn't mind at all!
- A pocket English/Spanish dictionary
- Patches for my backpack. Like the USA flag, etc.
- Those silly band things that go on your wrist! I want to give them
to the kids here.
- Peanut butter. Yeah.
- Candy!
- Beef Jerky
- Pictures (laminated) of the first presidency, Christ visiting the
Americas, and the First Vision!

If you can, I would love love love it. The package you sent got here
without problems, and it wasn't opened either... So yeah! Thanks! I
don't have much time, our P-day is now, obviously, Monday! Just know
that I am doing so well here. I am loving the work, and I am loving
the field. Its pretty awesome to think that I'm a missionary. I will
for sure be writing Park! I am so proud of that kid. What a stud! But
yeah, I don't have much time, only 45 minutes each p-day. I love each
and every one of you. Thank you so much for keeping me in your
prayers. I am feeling them for sure! Thank you again for my
scriptures. I love them and can't believe they got here!

Con amor,
Elder Jordan Van Christensen
Mi compañero!

La zona, primero P-Day!
Tumbas de los Incas.
Laguna Incantado por historia. Nuestro zona.
I do yoga in my spare time.
Yeah.. I don't know!

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