This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

September 15, 2010

2nd Week!!!

Hola familia!!
How is everyone doing? I sure hope everyone is well! Wow this week has been crazy and its flown by so very quickly. To start off, Sunday went quite well. However our Devotional was cancelled due to construction in the gym. No good! But it was still a good time. Some elders in our district practiced to sing "Come Thou Fount" in Sacrament meeting, but we weren't able to because another elder wanted to sing and he left today. So, he took precedence apparently. BUT, on our Temple walk we were able to sing up on the Temple grounds which was really cool. No need for a piano because we did it accapella, or however you spell it! So that was really neat. We also have learned the Tongan hymn, Folofola mai au si su'. Or something like that! I have a video of us singing it so maybe I'll figure out how to send that to you eventually. Later on Sunday, we watched the Joseph Smith movie. I. Love. That. Movie. I've watched it before, but just being here at the MTC really touched me, and I felt the Spirit so much stronger than before watching it. It was fantastic.
Yesterday we had a Devotional and the speaker was Elder Brian Richards and his wife. They gave us a great message about missionary work! He had us watch a video by Jeffrey R. Holland of the 12 Apostles, titled "Why is it so hard?" Why does missionary work have to be so hard?" he said. It got me thinking. It is the truth, it offers eternal families, and it brings the most pure form of happiness that we as humans can possibly experience... Right? Right... So, then why is it hard? Well, he offers a perfect answer. He says, "I am convinced that missionary work is hard because salvation is not a cheap experience. How can we expect it to be easy, when for Him, it never was? The atonement will carry you when you are discouraged, rejected, spit on, or cast out. Because you are on the journey that never was meant to be easy. But it always will be worth it." Personally, I could not have asked for a better answer. Why would I be out here if I didn't know for myself, without a doubt in my mind, that this work is the truth? The answer is, I wouldn't. But thankfully I have a testimony of this gospel and I am so grateful for that!!! The days can be really long and hard here, but I keep chugging along as I cling to my testimony that is growing stronger every day. Now, just because he talks about missionary work, the same thing can be said about life. Life was never meant to be easy. It was meant to try us and test us. How can we expect to grow without trials? I am grateful that my Heavenly Father loves me enough to put me through trials. I learn so much, and I'm so grateful. Sunday was SUCH a good day. Very needed!!
Mom and Dad, thank you for your letters! I always look forward to them. Even though if you, Dad, were falling asleep writing mine at 1 am!! haha. Thank you for the good advice, and I will be reading the booklet you gave me on my flight to Peru. Apparently other books aren't allowed in the MTC. So yeah! No worries! OH YEAH. I got my flight plans. I leave on September 22nd!! I have to be ready to go at 3am. Our flight leaves SLC at around 6. So everyone be awake and ready for me to call you and chat!!! I have two layovers. One in Dallas, and one in Miami. So I will see what I can do to call you then! If you can, send me some extra cash in the next package, I will need it... Haha. Muchas gracias por su paciencia! Mom! Ah! I loved your letter. Thank you so much! I love you so much, and I miss you tons as well! I couldn't have asked for a better mother. Thank you for being so fantastic. Theres no need to be sad! I'm doing the Lords work happily and lovingly! I'm exactly where I need to be. I am trying to be more Christ-like and I can safely say that I already basically know how because of the example you and dad have both set for me. I am so lucky to have such strong parents.
Anyway my time is about up! Thank you for everything. Keep me in your prayers. I don't ahve Pattis address, so please tell her thank you for me and that I am so happy that she has kept me in mind! She is amazing. Tell her that I really love her!! Congrats on the Jeep, Bridge. :) Don't be too crazy. Keep telling everyone to write me! I miss you all so much! Ethan, its okay about the game, keep your head high stud. Tanner! Thank you for you letter buddy!!! I love you and you are all in my prayers. I'll be sending you another hand written letter with other details.
Elder Jordan Van Christensen

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