This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

February 5, 2011

Last week this change!‏

Hello everyone!!
Hows my favorite family doing!? Man, I sure hope everyone is doing SO
well! First off, Eth! Bro, I'm sorry about your ankle! What a bummer.
But you'll be back out in no time! Keep your head up buddy, sure love
and miss you! Bridge, thank you buddy for the email and the hand
written letters, I haven't gotten them just yet. But look, I know you
cant walk down into my room and just chat like we used to, but you can
email me whenever you want to talk! I haven't disappeared completely...
If you ever want advice on ANYTHING, email me, and I will get back to
you the next week okay bud? I sure miss you and love you more than YOU
So this week has been really good! We have new investigators that are
truly amazing. Janeli, who is like 32 or so, has been taking the
lessons and has a date to be baptized this 29th this month. Her sister
as well has been listening and we will be trying to get them baptized
the same day. Her sisters name is Bemsy. She has a daughter who's name
is Ijari, I think, its quechua. She is ADORABLE. I have been loving
teaching them and getting to know them.
Magda did move to Chiclayo, and we'll be contacting the office for
them to send missionaries to her to continue teaching her children.
Claudio has been doing really well, coming to church and all. So
everything is well with them! His mother, Bibiana, has a baptismal
date for this Saturday so hopefully that will work out!
So on Saturday, we were eating at our pension and Anna, (our new
pensionista) told us that her husband (Julio) hadn't returned home yet
because he was at the doctor for his knee. Apparently he had hurt it
really bad and could barely walk. He got home, and the first thing
that came to my mind was that he needed a blessing. So we asked him if
he wanted one, and of course he said yes. So, we blessed him, and
afterward he just sat in his chair looking at us. He said that during
the blessing he felt a warm sensation go from the top of his head down
to his toes. He was so surprised! So, him being a recent convert, I
explained a little bit about the Holy Ghost and that according to his
faith, he would be healed so that he could work and continue to
provide for his family. They are poor, so this was a big concern for
him. Afterwards we left and went about our day. This was on Saturday.
On Sunday, we were sitting in the chapel waiting for Sacrament to
start when in walks Julio with his family! He was walking without a
limp, and without any sign of discomfort. He walked up to us with a
huge smile on his face and told us that when he woke up this morning,
he didn't have any pain! He couldn't stop talking about the feeling he
got during the prayer either, haha. He was so grateful to us. Talk
about a testimony building experience, not only for him, but for me as
well. That's the power of the priesthood for ya.
My cough is still the same but I'm healthy otherwise! Don't worry mom, I
will try to do something, but only in grave cases is when we can go to
Cusco to see the doctor. Spanish is still coming along, I feel pretty
comfortable so far! But I still have a while to progress!
Well, I don't have a lot of time! But I found out that i will be
staying in Puno for this next change on the 25th. Sweet! I love it
here. I also found out that its more than likely that my comp will
have a change. I miss all of you so much! I cant wait to hear from
you! Send a USB 8gb memory, look on KSL for a cheap one. AAA
Batteries, and a Michael Jordan hat for my investigator!
Thanks!! Take care everyone,
Elder Christensen

President and I

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