This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

February 23, 2011

Elder Christensen‏

¡¡¡Holaaa mi familia y todosss!!!
How is everyone doing? I hope that this letter finds everyone safe and
sound, like always! Well, we had another baptism yesterday, Nidian.
She is an old investigator that my comp and his old comp had left
because she wasnt progressing. But, one day we were walking in the
street and she ran up to us asking when the next baptismal service is!
So, we returned to teaching her, and yesterday she was baptized!!
Awesome!!! She has such great faith... Get this. Her mom didnt give
her permission to be baptized for anything, but she, being 18, took
the situation into her own hands and came and was baptized! She truly
is scared of her mom... I think she is abusive. But then on Sunday,
she didnt come to the meeting. Soo... she wasnt confirmed. Come to
find out that the parents actually put a lock on the door so that she
couldnt leave. Wow! So, we'll be talking with the parents soon to help
them understand. Crazy huh? This saturday we are preparing another
baptismal service! :) Some of the Vilca Family will be baptized. Minus
the dad, and a brother. They still have problems with the Word of
Wisdom. But, the mom Nicasia, her daughter Edith, and her son Jaime
will be baptized saturday! Its gonna be big too. They are planning on
food, family, and friends all attending! I'm pretty stoked! Other than
this, the work is progressing really well. I'm pleased to say the
least. We have a reference from other missionaries in our zone for a
kid that they have been teaching and he supposedly had a date for this
last saturday... So we will try to have him baptized this saturday as
well! The work is really progressing here in Juliaca.
Now dad, yes. Winter is slowly approaching. And no, we do not have
heat. I dont know of anyone in this town that has heat. Im still
studying in a coat, scarf, but I lost my gloves! :/ so I need to buy
some more... But from what I hear, the winter is horrible here. Babies
die from the cold. Literally. It hails a ton, and a couple years ago
it snowed. So who knows! Its supposedly summer right now, but feels
more like winter. The natives are weirded out too.
Now, there are a couple things that I NEED!:
1. My patriarchal blessing.
2. Line of Authority
3. Ideas for games to play for FHE!!!!
Please please!! I need them!
Scriptures of the week for the past 4 weeks... Haha I keep forgettting!
1.D&C 4:2
2. Matt 10:19-20
3.John 6:35&37
4.Alma 53:20-21
I'm finding out that when I am really focused on the work, the time
flies by. Literally! Im so grateful to have this oppurtunity to serve
my mission here in the wonderful country of Perù! I love every minute,
and I wouldnt trade this experience for anything! I finally got some
letters, after like 3 weeks of nothing! Sad, huh? And where are my
pictures family? Its not that hard.... Boys, help them out! And thanks
for writing me! I really love to hear from all of you! I dont have
much time, there are no pictures, I forgot to bring my camera! :( I'm
sorry. So, I hope that you all have a great week, and that you are
keeping me in your prayers! I can feel them, so keep them coming.
Con muccchoo amor...
Elder Jordan Van Christensen

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