This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

February 5, 2011

CH, CH, CH, CHANGES! (Dec 13th, 2010)‏

Last day in this!

So, first off, last night at around 11pm we got a call saying that my
comp has a change! So, today is our last day together! He is going to
Cusco tonight at 10pm for the changes meeting and I wont know until
tomorrow or Thursday where he is off to. So, tomorrow I will be put
into a temporary tripanionship and my new comp will be here Thursday
morning. I have no idea who it will be! But a TON of missionaries in
our zone have changes. About half. We will have new leaders, district
and zone, along with new comps. I have been praying that he will have
the desire to work and that we will get some work done here in rainy,
cold, yet beautiful PUNO! It truly is the rainy season. Its been
pouring the last 3 days or so. But, we move forward! Always. This work
is the Lords work, and we will move onward day by day, hardship after
hardship. This is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, but
being the hardest, it brings the most amazing blessings. Sometimes its
discouraging to walk all day in the mud and puddles, cold feet, runny
nose, to not teach anyone--- But with trials comes miracles. This last
week, we taught our investigator Julisa and her pareja (couple), Alex,
who is a member, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is the only lesson
she was missing. We told them very sincerely and very forward that if
they wanted to live together forever as a family, and to partake of
the blessings prepared for them, they needed to be married (In order
to be baptised). We challenged her to baptism on the 25th.... and she
accepted!!!! The only thing holding them back from being married is
Alex's family. So yeah. We told them to have faith, principally, and
to PRAY for help. We promised them that if they did these things they
would see miracles. We read the scripture Ether 12:6&12. I told them
that trials will always come before a testimony of their faith. So,
they met with their family. We passed by on Friday, and guess what?
His WHOLE family was in agreement with them to be married!!!! How
amazing? It reminds me of the song by David Archuleta, haha, "there
can be miracles, when you believe." Now, we have 2 baptisms set up for
Christmas day. :) I'm so incredibly grateful to Heavenly Father for
his help in this situation! Our prayers have been answered. Thank you
SO much family for praying for them.

BOYS! Thank you SO much for writing me! I love to hear how you are
doing! Bridger... Holy crap man! You really are gonna have ¡3!
sponsorships!? Bro I can't believe it! How sick?? I'm proud of you man,
you totally proved me wrong. Way to stick with it. Send me a video when
you have one put together! And Paige! Geez man, the little boy is
growing up! She's a cutie, nice work. Have her write me! I'd love to
hear from her. ETHAN! Dude you did it! Way to make the team! I'm so
stoked for you Matthew and Zach! That's so fun to have your best buds
on the team. Dominate the court with your height homie. Take advantage
of it! I hope Tanner is doing so good! I miss you buddy! Hope you're
having fun in school and stick with piano! It will help you VERY much
in your life.

So, I forgot to say that we had a Christmas dinner with our president
of the mission! This was on Friday night, and boy was it fun! We had a
pretty decent dinner, chicken and rice, (como siempre), papas, gaseosa
(inca kola..mmm), and for dessert, we had the holy Paneton. Paneton,
is fruitcake. Yes, fruitcake. And everyone in Perù goes CRAZY over
this stuff. It honestly wasn't that great. But, yeah! We did some
skits, some missionaries sang a song, and it all in all was a great
time. President gave a good message about Chrismas and how the best
present that we can give is our testimony of Jesucristo. Que el vive.
Que el es nuestro Salvador y que por medio de el, podemos vivir juntos
para siempre como un familia. Estoy muy agradecido a ustedes Mama y
Papa, para su matromonio. Gracias. Por eso, vamos a disfrutar esta
bendicion para la eternidad. :)

The scripture I have chosen this week is: 2 Nefi 32:8-9. My testimony
of prayer has truly grown so much, and like it says here, the Spirit
teaches us to pray always and not faint. Mom, keep them marked! I love
that you're doing that! I don't have much time but I will for sure send
a letter to Grandpa Whimpey! Holy cow, I don't know what to say... Wow.
Thank you so much grandpa. I almost cried reading that. But dad, yes,
it is better for me to buy a camera here. I have found some good ones
in a market called Contrabando, they sell basically everything, for
cheap. So, for 400 or so soles, I can buy a decent camera. I have on
me, 150 soles. So, do the math I'm not sure how much more I will need,
but when do I buy a camera? And what do I do with the other money? I'm
a little confused, haha. But I wont do anything until you tell me what
to do! :) I will guard it like the Holy Grail. Thank you so much Dad!
Tell Gramps I'm infinitely grateful!

is the mother of Elder Rogers, here in my zone. He has a change but, I
figured Id give you her number to chat! 801.254.8868 And Dad, look for
a USB/SD converter to include in a package. IT SAVES LIVES. Its not a
cable, is a device that you just stick right into the USB port, and
you stick the SD card into the device. AND IT SAVES LIVES. That's how I
sent pictures today!

Everyone, I am feeling your prayers. I received a blessing of health,
and I'm feeling better! But, like you advised, if I start to feel any
worse, I will talk to the office and see what to do. Thank you so much
for keeping me in your prayers, I haven't received any packages yet,
but I will let you know as soon as I get them! I'm so excited! AH, its
almost my first Christmas. It WILL be a white one, without any snow.
Mark my words! :) I love you all so much. Keep in touch boys! I love
to hear from you. :)

con MUCHO AMOR, tu hermano y hijo siempre,

Elder Christensen

I managed to steal a couple fotos from my buddy, Elder Rogers

And another! Enjoy!

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