This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

February 5, 2011

h.a.p.p.y. n.e.w. y.e.a.r. 2011‏

2011. Crazy to think that 2010 has already come and gone. Boy, it went
by quick. Jaja, a couple elders were saying, "Hey! Now we can say we
go home next year!" Trunky much? Haha, I wont lie, I was a little
trunky myself, but who isn't at this time of year? But don't worry I'm
not like crying in my pillow at night or anything.

So, I did end up getting the other package! Sweet! I loved everything!
I had my first peanut butter and honey sandwich a few days ago. I'm a
happy boy to say the least! And the jerky is soooo delicious. Wow, I
didn't realize how much I would appreciate things like that! But I don't
know if you sent a dictionary or not, but its not in there. Next time
you send something, include a list of everything that is in it. That
will help keep track of things. You can send those manila envelopes
with the bubble wrap for under 20 bucks as well, and those aren't
opened. I guess its different with them. I have an investigator that
wants an English-Spanish dictionary, so if you could find one and send
it with my "pocket sized" one, that would be awesome. He will be
baptized, I'm sure of it. :) And I do have some good news! I was
talking with my ZL, Elder Sperry, and guess what? He told me that
there is a lady that goes to Peru EVERY WEEK. Annnd guess how we can
benefit from this? We can send packages with her! She just takes them
with her. This is the way to send packages, and apparently its faster.
I don't have all of the information just yet, but she lives in Utah, I
would imagine anywhere between Salt Lake and Provo. Her dad owns a bus
company here, and I guess she just travels a ton. Its a lot cheaper to
send things, AND the box isn't opened! Sperry told me that he got a
package from his family the same as mine, and told me that it was
probably 20 bucks to send. He got shoes, t-shirts, and stuff. All of
which were accounted for! Also, I can send packages with her as well,
and you guys will pay for it when you get it... I think. Were both
kind of in the dark with all the details, but when I know you will

Unfortunately our baptisms didn't work out. She still has doubts, and
says she hasn't received an answer to her prayers just yet. So please,
please pray for Julisa. Were doing all that we can to help her, and
hopefully she'll be baptized before I finish this change. I don't want
to leave Puno without baptisms.. Man I would be so sad. BUT, I have
faith. There's strength in numbers, so help us out! All we have to do
to baptize Ronald is to find his mom! She's impossible to reach.
Hopefully sometime soon we'll be able to find her. Other than that,
our investigators are doing well, we just need to be diligent in
teaching and working. I have been dragging my comp around, almost
literally. Its hard to have a senior comp who is a DL, to be so lazy.
But I'm doing my best, even when he does get annoyed with me for just
saying, hey lets knock this door! Its sad! But we had a comp inventory
and I finally felt like I got through to him. So, I feel like things
are going to be turning around! I hope...

Hey, if you can, tell me about Eric, Jarom, and all those other buddies!

So happy new year!!! Last night we had some good fun. We bought some
mortars, a pack of 12, and lit them off at midnight, along with
EVERYONE in Puno! Seriously, everyone has fireworks. Our room is up on
a hill and we can see most of the city, so we went up on the roof to
light them off. But just looking out over the city, was incredible!
I've never seen so many fireworks in my life! I took a video so
hopefully you'll be able to see it soon. I don't know if I can email it
or what, but I'll see. Its kinda weird that my first Christmas and New
Years are already over! Wow. And my birthday is just around the

About my ankle... As of now its feeling good! Its just when we hike,
or climb stairs that it bothers. I'm really hoping that nothing
happens. Like the doctor said though, if something does happen, I have
to come home. If worse comes to worse and I do have to come home, lets
just pray that its for a reason. Thank you dad, the story about you
and mom did comfort me. I'm just trying not to think about it too much.
Lets just trust in the Lord.

I love all of you so much! Thank you for your emails, and I loved to
talk to all of you on Christmas. What an awesome gift! Start the
countdown till mothers day mom! Jaja, its only 6 months away! Oh, and
I was also talking to my buddy Elder Eggleston, and he goes to BYU
Hawaii. Hes on the golf team, and his coach is the admissions
director. They're good friends, and he might be able to hook it up for
me! I might be able to go to BYU Hawaii for however long! Just kind of
fun to think about... I have been thinking a little bit about college
lately, and I do want to try to go to BYU. But how cool would it be to
go to Hawaii for a year of school, then transfer to Provo or something

thought! What do you think?

Anyway! I will try to email some more pictures in another email. I
love you all sooo much! Keep me in your prayers, and I will do the
same. Just like always! :) Have an amazing new year, and make some
good resolutions!

With love, your favorite Peruvian Missionary,
Elder Jordan Van Christensen

PS. So, I have a lot of pictures now, and I'll have to 
start with my trip to Cusco. Here they are.

Cristo Blanco, overlooking Cusco

A church we attended in Cusco

Plaza de Armas, Cusco

 At the orphanage/school... not sure which it is!

 My favorite picture. Ever. I LOVE these kids!

Singing in the Plaza!

Oh, the scripture of the week! I almost forgot. D&C 43:15-16

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