This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

February 7, 2011


Holaaa familia y todos….

I hope that everyone is doing fantastic and that this email finds
everyone in good health! I’m still here inviting our Peruvian brothers
and sisters to come unto our Savior and big brother Jesus Christ!!

Well, I’m not exactly sure where to start this email. This week hasn’t
been all that great to be honest. Our baptisms didn’t turn out, which
I was pretty bummed about. And dad, I’m sending this email to you and
not mom so you can warm her up. So… not to worry you or mom, (or
anyone else...) this week there was 2 murders just up the street. They
were beaten to death, and yeah, it was brutal. I guess our street we
live on has a rep for being dangerous. Last year there was a murder as
well… right in front of the building. Oh, and we also were almost
robbed. At 1am a few days ago someone was trying to break into the
building where we now live. It was super loud and woke us both up. We
were ready for someone to bust into our room at any moment. But I was
ready to leap from our bunk (I got top!) and tackle him. It was going
on for about 7 minutes, but at last he gave up and left. Please don’t
worry, everything is fine. Apart from this, I don’t know what’s been
going on this week but I’ve been really down. I’m feeling a little
better though as I read my scriptures and continue to pray. I really
miss my bro’s! So much. Please write me you guys! I wanna hear how
you’re doing! Bridge, I didn’t get any pictures attached to your
email! Send them again and get on mom and dad to send more! You don’t
only need to send them through the mail, you CAN attach them onto an
E-mail as well. Jaja.
Anyway, we moved from our old room and now live in a building of
recent converts. They are an awesome family and I love them! Their
names are Julio & Anna (parents) and their 2 kids: Christian &
Guadalupe. She is also our pensionista, so it works out really well.
She cooks comida norteño, and it’s delicious. So far I have eaten some
interesting “food”. We’ll start off the list with gizzard. Yes,
intestines. Chicken hearts and feet are pretty popular in the soup
here. They really eat everything in a chicken. The other day we were
walking in a market, and I almost threw up. They sell the strangest
things… I don’t know how to explain it. It’s basically dried cow
fetus.. Yes that means it was taken from the cow prematurely. So
nasty! But on the other side, I have eaten some REALLLY great food!
The picture that I attached last week that looks like a stuffed tomato
is really a pepper. The plate is called: Rocoto Relleno. It is a plate
that is from Arequipa, and it is SPICY. It’s pretty good, and I’m
beginning to really like spicy food. There is also a plate here called
Ceviche that is pure Peruvian, and its sooo good!! Its raw
fish/octopus/squid/etc. soaked in a lime/something salsa, with a
special corn that looks like its on steroids, and lettuce. It’s super
popular in Peru and everyone goes crazy about it. My comp especially
loves it. He’s the one that took me to eat it, but boy is it good!

Well, I haven’t gotten any of the mail you’ve sent yet. I’ll let you
know what day it gets here mom, so you can see just how long it takes.
Usually it takes a little more than 2 weeks depending on the office
and when they get around to sending out the mail to the different
areas. (If they’re not lazy).

This last Monday we as a zone all played soccer… like we do every
week. But this time we played, it started to rain.. and rain.. and
rain! It was POURING. We just kept playing though. We played in the
rain for about 2 hours in the rain and were completely soaked.  There
wasn’t a dry spot on our clothes.  It was such a blast, even though I
got a little bit of a cold from it, jaja. We also made soccer jerseys
this week! As you can see from the photo attached. Its got my name on
back as well as our zone name: Puno Central. Mom, my cough is just
like it always has been. I don’t know what else to tell you… But I
will take the meds that you send religiously, I promise!

Oh hey, I keep forgetting to mention, I hope you guys are keeping up
on my blog! I hear that you aren’t really… So come on! All you gotta
do is copy and paste the emails. And yes dad, you guys need to keep a
big album and put the photos that I send in it. Probably in
chronological order! Oh yeah, about that card… Jaja, yes I did draw
it! It took me about 40 minutes or so. And yes, I looked at a picture,
but didn’t copy it! Thank you dad, jaja, I would like to think that I
had skills! And also Dad, yes I do hear from Ash! She is doing really
well. She’s in England right now for a study abroad. How sweet!? She
gets to travel to Scotland, Italy, Paris, etc. Not bad huh? Funny
story, last week for our multi zone conference we ate at a pizzeria
afterwards that is owned by members in our ward. There was a group of
gringos there from the states, from Utah actually! Well, there was a
girl that I talked to, that happened to be from Scottsdale. I told her
that I dated a girl from there, and she just happens to be in Ashley’s
ward in AZ. Jajaja, how funny right? Well, I told her to tell Ash
hello, then we left.  Randommm.

I also got an email from Michele last week! It was in my “Spam”
folder, jaja (don’t be offended Michele!) But I told the computer that
it really wasn’t spam, so now I’ll get them in the regular inbox. But
yeah that is a pretty.. uh.. “cute” story Michele! All because he went
on a mish! Ask Jacquie and Grandma if they ever got my postcards! I
sent them like last month.

Okay, I’ve slacked on the past scriptures of the week so here are the
last 3, and #4 is this week:
1. Proverbs 3:5-6
2. Matthew 5:14-16
3. Ether 12:27-28
4. 3 Nephi 27:7-8

There are a few things that I need that I don’t have just yet! My
patriarchal blessing, my line of authority, and a small calendar! You
simply cant find calendars by the month here. So, if you could send
one I would love it! I am trying to always remember to just smile and
keep a good attitude about everything. At times its really hard when
you have a comp that disregards the rules, is lazy, and is bipolar…
but there is always something to smile and be happy about. I’m on the
Lords errand everyday of my life for the next 19 or so months. I need
to always remember my calling. I will not come home with regrets.
People definitely have their agency to choose. It’s quite evident when
the door is slammed in your face. You just gotta shrug it off and keep
moving forward. Anyway, we just found out our changes on Sunday and
yeah. I have a change. I don't know what happened, because President
told me that I would stay here! I'd like to as him what the heck
happened! My new area is in a place called Juliaca. Its basically in
the middle of nowhere. Kind of like a camp town! But oh well. I will
keep moving forward and continue on in this work! Its MY mission after

I really hope that all of you are continuing to progress spiritually
and continue to do the little things. Like having family night,
reading the scriptures every day as a family, and praying as a family
every day.  Please try to do all of these things. They will help us
grow closer together as a family, and will help our testimonies grow.
Mom and Dad, continue to go to the temple. It’s a really good way to
keep your relationship strong and healthy. I love you all more than
you could possibly know. I pray for your health, your success, and
your faith to continually grow, every day. Please continue to keep me
in your prayers, and I hope to hear from you soon!

Tu hermano y hijo ahora y para siempre…

Elder Jordan Van Christensen


Alphabet soup...

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