This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

February 23, 2011


Before I forget.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! I'm glad that you got your
letter, pretty sure its the first time I've used a typewriter! So it
was pretty cool. Lets see, so not a lot has happened this week. Pretty
average, not much to say. But, we have been working and helping the
Vilca family, and almost all of their family will be baptized on the
26th!!! 4 people. The mom, Nicasia, the kids, Jaime, Edith, and Dina
(she will be her step-daughter after she gets married also this
month). Freddy is who will marry Dina, and he used to listen to the
lessons and everything, but now I don't know what happened. Anyway,
Dina wants to be baptized before my comp goes home, but before she
gets baptized she has to be married. They only live together right
now, so yeah. That's how it goes! The father, Fredrico, believes in the
Book of Mormon, knows that he needs to be baptized in the same manner
as Christ, and he will be baptized. BUT, he is in debt to 4 banks, and
in his work they drink when they sign contracts and all that jazz. So,
he has a big problem with the Word of Wisdom.... As well as I would
say... 75% or more of Juliaca. I heard from a member the other day
that the people here work to drink. Right now is the biggest party in
Puno. Its called, in Spanish, "Virgen de la Candelaria". Its HUGE. But
its in Puno. Now, the parties start here in Juliaca in March. I've
heard... well, lets just say I've heard a lot of stuff that happens
and its really not that great. People get so drunk that they pass out
in the streets. They lose all ability to reason and then bad things
happen. So.... yeah. We'll leave it at that! Anyway, Fredrico will be
baptized, but first he wants to finish this work that he has so he
wont be tempted by the alcohol. He is afraid to fall after he

The language really is picking up! Whenever I talk with members or
investigators, they always ask me how much time I have in the mission.
I then ask them how much time they think I have. They ALWAYS answer,
"I don't know, a year? 18 months?" Hhaha! They're pretty surprised when
I tell them that I'm about to complete 6 months. "Wow, 6 months? You
speak really well for only having half a year...!" Talk about a
compliment! That really boosts my confidence. :)

Now, I want to focus on something that has really been on my mind this
week. A few days ago, my comp and I were walking home from our
appointments at around 9pm. He asked me the question, "How can one
come to know Jesus Christ?". I thought about it for a little bit and
then he asked me, "Elder, do you know Jesus Christ?" As I thought
about this, I thought that yeah, I know Him. We continued to talk, and
he then told me there are 3 ways we can come to know Christ. 1. Look
in a mirror at the end of the day and ask yourself, "Did I ask as
Christ would today?" 2. Reading of his words in the Holy Scriptures.
Not simply just reading, but studying and analyzing them. and 3,
Praying with a TON of faith. He continued to tell me, "There are many
missionaries that come and serve their mission without ever knowing
Jesus Christ. This is sad, you know why? Because they wasted 2 years
of their life." Wow, I thought. How sad is that? He then asked me
again, "Elder, do you know Jesus Christ?" This question made me think
and really weighed on my mind. That night after dinner, I stopped to
look at the stars, and my comp went up to the room. As I was gazing up
into the night I asked myself, "Do I know our Savior and Redeemer
Jesus Christ?" Then I started to cry. I realized that I really don't
know Him. Goodness, I don't know Christ... I then made a goal to really
focus on how I can come to know Him. Everyday I have been reading
Jesus the Christ, and everyday I learn more and more. I want to be
able to say without a doubt in my mind that yes, I know Him
personally. Don't get me wrong, I have a powerful testimony of Him,
and I know that He lives. I just want to know Him.

I miss you all. Have a great week! Keep me and my investigators in
your prayers. Enjoy the photos!

Elder Christensen

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