This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

February 4, 2011

Greetings from Perú!‏

Here is my experience of the day, I hope you enjoy it :)

So. We stop by this
tiny shop and get some swag, but this lady that owns the store, who
was probably in her 20s starts asking about who we are. So we talk to
her and this other guy asks if there are any similarities between our
church and the catholic church. We explain that we believe in Heavenly
Father and Jesus Christ, and such. Then we ask if they would like it
if we shared more with them. And then they were like, well yeah!
Please! So... we jump in and taught them the first lesson right then
and there. Dad! The Spirit was so strong. I testified of Joseph
Smith, and gave the first vision, and we pulled out el Libro De Mormon
and 3 pamphlets - The Restoration, The Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the
Plan of Salvation - (which we ended up giving them) and had her read
Moroni's promise. She read it with such intent, that after she read
it, she just held it in her hands and just looked at the pages. I told
her right then that the book was for her. We asked these questions in
such a way that she testified of our message! She lives by a church,
but she said it always seemed like it was closed.. and I told her that
our meetings were on Sundays. She was so grateful for the books, and
she asked us when we were coming back! :( I wish I was already on my
mission! But I know that we did all that we could and if it be the
Lords will, other missionaries will find her and because we opened our
mouths, she just might accept this gospel. The whole time we were
talking my heart was just pounding with the Spirit! Today I placed my
first Libro De Mormon, and basically taught the first lesson. I LOVE
this gospel. :) :) This whole thing was in Spanish, mind you. Only a
little bit was in english. She studied for 3 years! It was the most
perfect experience. I am so incredibly stoked to be doing that stuff
every day! Today has been bar none the best day. I am on the biggest
spiritual high!!!!

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