This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

February 4, 2011

Week 4 in Perú!‏

Hello everyone!!

Well, another week here in Perú gone just like that. It honestly does
not feel like it. Time is flying, and I cant seem to catch up! Its
crazy. It feels like we have been here for only a couple days, when in
reality its already been 4 weeks. I just love it here though and I
will miss it! I love being able to see all my friends here and to just
grow closer. So to answer your question Dad, we have 2 different
teachers, one that teaches in the morning and one in the
afternoon/evening. We have TRC and its typically with one of the
workers here or one of the higher up people. Not sure what they're
called exactly... But yeah, and 2 districts go into this room that has
a couch and two chairs and a side table. And we of course have to
"knock" on the classroom door to get in. We each have situations.
Sometimes its a referral, and other times were just "knocking doors".
Jaja. So yeah, my comp and I taught this week.... and got destroyed.
They were reading the bible when we knocked and they invited us right
in and asked us if we believed in the bible. We of course said yes,
and then he said that he would like to share a scripture in
Ecclesiastes, or however you spell it, and is so confusing! They ask
us what it means, and we have no idea. He then tells us that it means
we must repent because we are young or something. So I went off on
that for a bit by saying that repentance is important to everyone and
that we are able to repent because of Christ and his sacrifice. But
then I got stopped by one of the teachers and we were done. They tried
to explain to us what we should have done in that situation and I
didn't even think of looking at the footnotes. I guess there is a
scripture in D&C that makes more sense. But oh well. We have
"enseñansas" every morning and night, and in the morning we are
teaching a maestro (teacher). So that's awesome! Its better practice
because he throws questions at us like, "Why did Nephi kill Laban?
Didn't the Lord command that thou shalt not kill?" After that he said,
"I don't believe in this book now." So he showed us how to combat that
question... Bring up David and Goliath from Samuel! After we explained
it to him, all was better. Phew! So yeah, but we have this computer
program called TALL. (Technology Assisted Language Learning) It was
developed by BYU actually. Its a fantastic program and it helps us
learn the grammar. Its a pretty slick system.

So I talked to the Presidente here about the lady, and he said that we
would talk more about it later. I didn't get an address, but if I have
a map in front of me I can remember where the shop was. I am praying
that something will work out!

My buddy Elder Whittaker had his cumpleaño on Saturday the 16th! He
was way stoked when we got some mail for the first time in forever! I
got one letter which was the newsletter printed out from the Shaw
family. So that was nice of them!

Congratulations to Marsh and Ash on the baby!! What a stud! I hope
that he is doing so well and that Ashley is just loving every minute
of this experience!! Give them ,

Okay about the mail.... You honestly need to buy the virgin Mary
stickers and place them on the seal of the box/letter/whatever you
send.. Everyone here in Peru is superstitious and they wont cut over
the virgin Mary. But put other stickers (plural) as well like Jesus.
Don't use "Elder". Just my full name. My friends have said that when
they use the stickers, they get the packages, no problem. But with a
smaller fee though I think. I would go talk to the post office about
it and see what they say. My friend said that I guess there is a fee
that you can pay in the states so that I don't have to pay when it gets
here? I don't know... But yes I believe that we go straight to the
Cusco mission home. So send the "package" to the address I gave you
last week. Send everything there in fact. Don't send anything to the
CCM. Because I wont get it! So yeah I will ask around more about the
mail and see if I can get some feedback.

I have also heard that we can only go to Machu Picchu once... :( Sad
day! But that's just what I heard.. I also heard that we go at the
beginning of the mish. So I might be going to Machu Picchu in
November/December! But I guess we will see! I have no idea, so don't
quote me on that or anything. Jaja.

Lets see, I really didn't take any other pictures.. Sorry there isn't
really anything new this week. Pretty much just the same! Today we
will be going to the temple again! We'll get some shopping in and
such. Me encanta miercoles. Its such a needed break. I have been
playing soccer and am loving it! I want to go out for a college team
when I get home I'm thinking. That would be rad. That or tryout for a
kicker in football just for fun. :)

All in all, I'm pressing forward in the language and the gospel! I
forgot to mention that I received the calling of a District Leader
last week. Pretty cool I guess! The biggest responsibility is to just
be the example, so I'm doing my best! I have been translating
firesides and devotionals. On Sunday we had a fireside and my buddy
Elder Fares and I translated it. It was really hard, but pretty fun at
the same time! We have a headset with a mic on it and its hooked to a
transponder. Then everyone that needs it to be translated has a
personal device that you plug your headphones into and you can hear
the translators voice. Its pretty slick. Pretty fun too!

Anyway... I hope that I continue to grow in the language the last two
weeks I'm here! I cant believe I only have two weeks left. Be sure to
keep me in your prayers, I know you do!

Much love to all,

Elder Jordan Van Christensen

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