This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

March 9, 2011

Elder Christensen....!‏

Wow, February is gone... That's so crazy! Time is a whole different
concept here in the mission. So, to get right into things, we had our
3 baptisms on Saturday!!!!! Ahh... such an amazing day. All we are
missing from their family is the dad, Fredrico, and the other son,
Freddy. They both have problems with alcohol, but we will be working
with them constantly. The "spouse" of Freddy wants to be baptized, but
cant because they aren't married. So... I'm hoping and praying that it
will all work out with their family. Freddy is the only one that
doesn't feel a desire quite yet. But the dad does. Its awesome, every
time we finish reading from the Book of Mormon, he kisses it. He
believes in it with all his heart, and its so refreshing to see his
change. Slowly but surely! We have a good number of investigators that
we will be following up with to help them enter the waters of baptism.

I had a cool opportunity to work in a town called Lampa with my DL. We
went to a TINY town about 25 minutes away from Lampa (I don't remember
it's name) but it was sweet and we put 2 people with a baptismal date.
We went back to Lampa and took a tour of the Cathedral there. It has
secret passages below ground, and we toured it! It was so sweet. I
learned there are tunnels that lead all the way to CUSCO, LIMA, and
AREQUIPA! Wow... Pretty cool huh? I guess they're closed now due to
missing people. Sketchy! Jaja. I included some pics, and when I make a
DVD of all my pics/vids you will see more of it!

If you could send me a few big manila envelopes (with bubble wrap
inside) to use as packages I would really appreciate it. Its cheaper
to send them rather than packages. Oh, btw, I got one of the manila
envelopes from Grandma Carlton today!! Tell her thank you! It's kinda
spendy to send letters every week, so dad, will you tell Grandpa and
Gram Whimpey thank you soooooo much for that!! I truly am grateful. I
wish I could send letters every week, but when it costs 3 dollars or
so to send a letter to the states, I really cant afford it. :/ But let
them know I love them more than they know!!! Also, I am not receiving
the newsletter from the Gilberts... what up with that? Get in touch
with them and let me know! Also, when you get around to it, I would
love a little book of uplifting quotes, and an original Rubik cube.
I'm learning! :)

The scripture of the week is found in Matthew 19, verse 26. Dad, for a
FHE, watch Facing the Giants as a family and apply this scripture. We
watched it as a zone today, and I absolute love the lesson we learn
from it.

I love you all so much, thank you for your love and prayers. I'm
looking forward to my package! I cant believe I'm almost 20...
Truthfully, I forgot about my birthday. Jaja, I guess my head is where
it should be. :) I still haven't gotten pictures from you guys. It
makes me sad that I cant see your "present state". Please figure it
out if you don't know how! Keep me in your prayers! You're always in

Your Peruvian brother, friend, and son,
Elder Jordan Van Christensen

PS Enjoy the PICTURES!
The one with the giant cross is a catacomb/tomb thing inside the
cathedral. Hundreds of skulls and skeletons! Sweet!

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