This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

July 27, 2011

"Come Follow Me," The Savior Said.

Family! And Friends!

How is everyone doing?? This week passed pretty quickly, doncha think? I think so, at least. Lets see, what all has happened in the last week…

This morning, the Whitton Family arrived to Cusco, and my comp and I went to pick them up from the airport. I had his camera and was filming all of the hugs, the tears, and the jokes cracked by his brothers. It was so great to see them all together. After hugging Elder Whitton for about 5 minutes, she looked at me and said, “You get one too!” She then gave me a big hug, but not anything like the ones I get from my own momma. :) First time I’ve hugged someone from the opposite sex in 11 months! (almost) So they’re here in Cusco and today I will be going with them to a place called the Moon Temple… Cool right? But anyway, so I was kinda trunky this morning.  Buuuut…. Its cool! I’m stoked for him.

Secondly and more importantly, we have been super busy with our office work. Haven’t been able to work a lot, that is, proselyte. But, ya know what? It paid off last night. Last night, we visited our convert, Anthoni, and his family. We were able to sit down and really talk with them. When I say family, I mean his brother and sister.  We had a really deep discussion on the Sabbath Day. Using our scriptures to help us, we showed them the genuine importance of this day. We were with Elder Whitton as well, seeing that his family got to Cusco this morning!!... But I’ll talk about that later. So anyway, we got to a point where his sister had a question. She asked, “But sometimes it can be hard, you know? To change. Like I had told you before, I belong to an organization, and I have a duty within that organization. I am a leader of the women that are of my age group, and older… In all of Cusco. They look up to me, and I can’t just leave them alone.” There was a moment of silence, then Elder Whitton told her of the young rich man we read of in the book of Matthew 19.  He asks Jesus what he must do to obtain eternal life. Jesus answers him, “If thou shalt enter into life, keep the commandments.” The young man then says that he has kept the commandments since his youth, and asks, “What lack I yet?”. Christ then says something interesting. He says, “If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me.” The reaction of the young man when he heard that, was disappointment. He walked away, sad. The call is the same for us, we should do all that we can to be able to come unto Him, and walk in his paths. When Medali heard this, she covered her eyes with her hand, put her head down, and started to cry.  She then started to open up to us and tell us just how confused she really is. She even said that she knows that if she prays that she will get an answer – and she knows what the answer is. She is just so afraid to abandon what she thought was right. Personally, I can feel that she knows that God exists and that Jesus Christ really is our Savior. I’ve seen her literally change over these 2 or so months.  Before, I really don’t think that she even believed in God. But now look! The power that this gospel has is INCREDIBLE. My heart really went out for her to see her so sad and confused, but she will leave all this confusion very soon. We continued to comfort her and her brother was a big help to her. He looked at her and said, “Sis, we’ll pray together tonight, ok?” When she heard that, I could just tell that it was such a comfort for her. He told us that he would be helping her, and he also expressed his love for us. He told us how much trust he has in us, and how grateful he is that we have been there for him and his family. He said, “You two have something about you, it’s like a power. I always feel comfortable with you, and I thank you for helping my little sister see the truth.”  He then continued to testify to the both of his siblings the truthfulness of the gospel, and it was powerful.  He, being the oldest, has a big influence on the family. I think I’m starting to realize just how big of an influence I have on our family. Before the mission I can truly say that I had no idea, but now, I really am starting to realize it. I don’t know why God had me be the oldest, but I can do my best to show my little bro’s the way. The way that I absolutely know is the right way. The way how we all can be together forever. I want each of you boys to really think about the importance of this gospel in our lives. This isn’t just some church, it’s THE church. You all need to realize the importance of it. I thank you, mom and dad, for being sealed in the temple and for having raised us kids faithfully in the truth. Each of you boys, make sure that you thank each of them personally for that. Without this church, there exists no faith, no hope, and no real happiness for this life. I cannot tell you the pure joy that I have when I see people see the truth themselves. It’s indescribable. I’m so grateful for my testimony that I have of this church, and I am forever in debt to my Savior for that. 

Anyway, that is whats going on here! I’m super happy and I will keep you updated on them. Thanks for writing me boys!!! I love to hear from you. But yeah, you have been writing me for like the last couple weeks, and that’s when I sent the letter! But really guys, it means a lot to hear from you each week. Thank you. I love you all more than you know! And mom, 1 year!!! ;) Hahaha don’t get too excited! Oh, and thanks so much for the compliments on my Spanish! You tend to learn it quite well when you have lived in Perú for about a year. :) Keep in touch everyone!

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