This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

July 5, 2011

[The 168 hours gone by]‏

Another great week has come and gone!

So, to start things off, last Saturday we were blessed to have the baptism of Anthony. His service was so great, and his whole family was able to attend! His mother, father, brother, and sister. None of them are members, but the dad and his sister are starting to show interest. In fact, just last night we went to visit them. We got to their house to find that his father was sick in bed. He is from the jungle, Puerto Maldonado, and when it gets cold here, it’s easy for him to catch a cold. So we talked with Anthony about the importance of prayer, and then his dad woke up. He can really talk. He talked to us for like another hour, after we had finished at 8. We got out of there at 9, having learned more about him. He told us that if we had came like 20 years ago, he would have already been baptized and faithful in the church…!! Well, I told him that really its not a matter of time with the Lord. He is always there with His arms open and ready to receive us. I tried to clear up some of his doubts with the time we had, and he told us that he wants us to keep visiting him, and that he commends us for what we do as missionaries. He said that when he looks at my comp and I, that he sees unity and love. He said that it doesn’t matter to him what people say, because really, they can say anything. But when people show it with their works, that is what matters to him, and that’s what is important. And for that, he is grateful for us. That made us feel pretty good! They are also building a house, so we told them a while ago that we would be more than happy to come and help them. So I think that this week sometime we will be building a house! Legit! But all in all, we are hoping that we will be able to teach this family and to help them find the joy that this gospel brings to each and every one of us.

So, something cool is happening tomorrow! Elder Marcus B. Nash is coming to our mission! So were getting everything ready for when he comes. We’re putting on a conference for him, and at first, we were going to have 2. But, because the situation in Puno/Juliaca has gotten worse, he won’t be traveling down to give the conference there. Bummer… But the rest of the mission will be coming for the conference tomorrow. Being in the office should be cool, I’ll have time to meet him and talk with him. Pretty stoked!! :)

As for Puno… So, apparently, the strike has gotten worse. The President and his wife, along with the assistants were going to be flying to Juliaca for interviews and the multi-zone conference. So I bought them the flight tickets and all that.. The only bad part is that the protestors burned the airport, and they killed 6 people. Well, 5, but an officer shot one of them out of protection. One guy that died lived close to the airport, so he went up on the roof to check it out. He was shot. It’s pretty intense. The missionaries haven’t really been able to leave much to appointments, but from what I hear, it might be calming down. So needless to say, they wont be using those tickets. Awesome. Haha.

I’ll be coming home as well with a couple small scars on my palms due to some really weird bug bites… They start to itch  way bad, and then they turn into blisters. Very strange. Our pensionista freaked when I showed them to her, hahaha,she was like, “Elder!! Get those out of my face!! Don’t put that over my carrots!” Oh man, but she’s really great. To answer your questions dad, even though I think I answered a few of them already haha, there are 6 of us elders living in the apartment. The assistants, secretary of materials, secretary of records, personal secretary to the president, and me! The financial secretary. We live in an apartment above that of which lives the stake presidents family. He is also the doctor for the mission. In comparison to the rest of what I’ve had, where we live now is fantastic! And yes, she cooks the meals, but we all help her out in the kitchen – of course. We do dishes, clean the table, etc. And we basically make ourselves breakfast. A fried egg, or cereal, or fruit, or leftovers… it just depends! Haha. They both do our laundry, her and her husband. Anyway, about my health… I really feel better. It’s just the constant cough that I’ve had since before the mission, and it’s because of my nose! There really are no other symptoms… well, as of now at least. So yeah, get your feet better dad, so you can keep riding! That’s really weird. Hopefully you can get that all figured out! Oh, a member here helped change the blog around. I saw that it hasn’t really been kept up to date, so if you could ask Patrice if she could do that, I would appreciate it!

And mom, thank you very much for that email. It was so great to read that. I hope you know how much I appreciate the emails I get from you and dad both. I always look forward to them. I just wanted to thank you! And don’t worry about writing a lot, you can! Because I can just print them off here in the office! As far as snail mail, I haven’t gotten a letter in a good month or so, but it’s all good. As long as I hear from you guys, I’m happy. :) I miss you and love you all so very much. I continue to pray for your well being and progression... Spiritually as well as temporally. I’m keeping my eye on the prize, and I keep on loving my mission. I will try to put more of my trust in the Lord, knowing that He is always there for me.

Take care everyone, till next week!!

Secretario Financiero
Misión Perú Cuzco
(51) 984-503-861
(51) 084-242-521
RPM #623574

P.S. Enjoy the pics! The panoramic, is of the Plaza De Armas. It was apparently like Cusco's birthday or something because they had an insanely huge program where they showed the Incan culture and all that. Pretty cool! And we met some members from Idaho! They gave us skittles and starburst!!! And there's the one of me, with a lot of money. :) Hahaha

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