This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

July 27, 2011

Living the Dream.

And just like that… Another transfer is gone! Transfer week is here! Its official… Time goes by so much faster when you work in the office. Its truly insane. I have never felt time go by like this! We have lately been really busy in the office and on Thursday last week we were in the office ALL day. We as elders in the office have been informed of the changes in the mission as of that Thursday, and it looks like this change will be quite interesting! A lot of missionaries going up to Zone Leader, seeing that many Zone Leaders will be finishing their mission this change. The next transfer falls on the 23rd of August. Now that transfer will be even more interesting! Almost all the rest of the ZL’s are finishing then. My companion, Elder Williams, will be finishing then as well. Looks like we will be together for this next transfer, and I will see him off! My other good friend, Elder Ruiz from Chile, will be finishing tomorrow!! Crazy. He has been such a great Assistant. He will be very missed. I am almost guaranteed 5 changes working here in the office. Today, President told me that I have at least 4 more transfers. So… if I stay for 5, then the last day of the 5th transfer will be the 27th of December… Meaning that I will be in the office for Christmas!! I hear that its truly awesome being here for Christmas. But, I guess we’ll see what happens!

So, the work is still going well. We have just been really busy in the office this past week due to transfers. I’ve been going crazy with all the financial issues I have to deal with, but I am indeed getting the hang of it. Its still really stressful, but I am confident that I will have it down this transfer.  Oh, and President just told me that we will be getting audited next week! Yay! Time to stress out. Haha.

So, on Saturday we had a full P-Day due to the fact that we as the office have to work today. It was nice to have a full P-Day for a change. So we just basically bummed around. We went to a gym at a members home in the morning (SO awesome to lift weights and bench again), we came home and ate breakfast, showered, and cleaned the apartment. Then we went to the center and I bought a t-shirt and a photo album to put all my pictures in. It was a good day! Then, at 7 that night, an investigator that the sisters here have been teaching asked me to baptize him! It was a really awesome service, with tons of members, missionaries, and family that attended. We ran into some difficulties with our bishop because I guess one of the elders in the office forgot to mention that we were going to have a baptism that Saturday. He was pretty upset, so we talked with the stake pres as well, and we got everything figured out and I baptized him. His name is Johannes, and he’s about 22 years old. Great guy with a strong testimony. :)

This week overall has been pretty average… Nothing really new to report. We haven’t met with Anthoni’s family this week, but we found out where they are building their house so I’m pretty sure sometime this week we will be helping them out! Should be pretty fun. I find such joy when I give to others. I love to give service and to help out those in need. This mission has really taught me so much about life, who I am, and who I want to be. I don’t have too much time to write today, but just know that you all are always in my prayers. Mom, I sent a CD filled with pictures that I had taken from my 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and part of my 5th transfer. I will have to send you another one sometime soon with the pics from my 6th, and pics from the 7th transfer that I am starting tomorrow!

I have been learning so much being here in the office and with my comp. Elder Williams and I have a lot of fun! He is a great worker, and I’m grateful to be his companion for these short three months we have together. He is a big nerd, hahaha. For sure. He will be going to UVU when he returns, so you will have to see him somehow! He is getting realllly trunky haha, but I don’t blame him. He still works, and we have success, but he is pretty excited to be home. His mother is from Lima actually, and his father is from the states. We seem to get along pretty well, but just like every companionship, we have our disagreements.. but we overcome them as well. I love him and he is a great example to me.  I find such joy when I give to others. I love to give service and to help out those in need. This mission has really taught me so much about life, who I am, and who I want to be. I lately have come to realize the great importance of my call as a missionary. It seems like every so often, like every few months or so, I realize who I really am. I am a missionary for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I represent His church, and my family. It’s surreal to me that I am actually doing that which I have always dreamed since I was a kid. This mission is changing me. I’m learning to turn away temptations more easily. I’m learning to make the best choices, and not to just settle for the “good” or the “better”. I am living the dream.

Keep the faith everyone. You're in my prayers. 

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