This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

July 27, 2011

My comp is trunkyyy... Hahaha‏

Buenas días mi familia y amigos!

Bueno, para empezar, creo que voy a escribir en español. Bien. Entonces, esta semana ha sido chévere. Hemos hablado con algunos de nuestros investigadores, y pusimos una fecha para sus bautismos, ¡y lo aceptaron! Van a ser bautizados el 7 de Agosto. Estamos muy alegres verlos tan dispuestos a seguir el ejemplo de Jesucristo. También, había un hombre que por la primera vez asistido la Iglesia. Uno de mis amigos me dijeron que sería mejor se pudiera acompañarlo en lugar de uno de los otros misioneros que asisten a nuestro barrio. Entonces, asi lo hice. El es un hombre muy inteligente. En nuestra clase del sacerdocio, hemos hablado del matrimonio eterno y de la importancia de ser sellados en el templo del Señor. Levantó su mano, y pregunto si podía decir algo. Dijo, “Este tema es algo que realmente me impacto. Yo no estaba divorciada hace mucho tiempo en la iglesia católica, y siempre he tenido la idea de que el matrimonio es algo más.. He sido invitado a la iglesia muchas veces, y he hablado con misioneros. Pero yo no quería venir, o no podía. Pero por fin, hoy día, decidí venir.. Y esto es justo lo que necesitaba oír. No sé por qué ustedes hablaban de esto hoy, pero no creo que es coincidencia. Personalmente, creo en todo lo que está diciendo. Gracias por todo.” ¿Pueden creerlo? Cuando escuche eso, wow. En mi mente dije, “En este momento, el sólo sentía un poco de lo que la Iglesia tiene para ofrecer.” Tenemos una cita el miércoles con él, y nos dijo que siempre somos bienvenidos a su casa. 
( Here is the first paragraph of Jordans letter we had a neighbor, Rachel, translate.


Happy to. BTW his written Spanish is beautiful - thought you'd want to know. 

Well, to begin, I think I will write in Spanish. Good, so, this week has been cool. We talked with some of our investigators and challenged them to baptism, and they accepted!!! They will be baptized August 7th. It makes us so happy to see them so willing to follow the example of Jesus Christ. Also, there is this man who, for the first time in his life attended church. (I had a bit of trouble figuring out what he was trying to say on this sentence, so I translated it the way that made sense best to me.) One of my friends told me that it would be better if we take him to another ward of one of the other missionary companionships of our district. (Apparently this man is intelligent and the advice given to Jordan was so that this man could attend a ward where doctrinal discussions might be more in depth.) So, that's what we did. This is a very intelligent man. In our Priesthood class we were talking about Eternal marriage and the importance of being sealed in the temple. He raised his hand and asked if he could say something. He said "This concept in one that really impacts me. I haven't been divorced very long in the Catholic church, but I've always had the idea that there is more to marriage. I've been invited to The Church many times and have talked to the missionaries. But I have not wanted to come, or haven't been able to. But finally, today, I decided to come. And this is exactly what I needed to hear. I don't know why you decided to talk about this today, but I don't think it is a coincidence. Personally, I believe everything that you have been saying. Thanks for everything." CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!?!? When I heard that, WOW. In my mind I thought, "In that moment, he felt only a little of what the gospel has to offer.." We have an appointment with him this Wednesday and he said we are always welcome in his home.)

Alrighty then, enough with spanish. If you cant read that, then call Rachel over to have her translate it. :) Or, you could use the internet. Haha. So, that’s basically whats happening right now here in Cusco. That guy really is so awesome. Its only time until he is baptized! He unfortunately lives in another area, so we will pass the reference along, but with permission, we as well can go teach him! He was so nice! He’s very interesting and looks very professional. He knows almost all of California, and he actually spent a month in Salt Lake! He said he studied for a little while there. I have so many questions for him! Its weird, because my comp and I both felt like we had seen him before. I can’t wait to meet with him in his home.

How are things going back in the states? How I miss the summer :( Its pretty cold here in Cusco. At least it feels like it. Especially here in my office, it feels like a cave! There are no windows were the sun can shine in. Being outside and walking is okay. But we have to use a heater here because it gets so cold.

We had Elder Uceda of the Seventy here in Cusco! He went to Juliaca and Puno, where Elder Nash couldn’t visit. He came here and attended church in our chapel, but in the other ward. Anyway, he came to eat lunch with us at the President Carrasco’s house! (Yes, President Carrasco is the person you saw in that article!) He also came with his wife and daughter, Olga Ines. We were able to sit down and all talk (us elders in the office) with his family. They have 5 kids, and the one they were with is the youngest. We got talking, and found out that they lived in New Jersey for 7 years! Olga speaks perfect English, and it was fun to talk with her. Elder Uceda has such a powerful spirit, and is very humble. It was great to hear their story of how they met, and to receive precious counsel from a General Authority. It made me truly reflect on my mission. How precious this time is! I cannot waste any of it. The Adversary is so very aware of each of us as missionaries, and his mission is to make our mission a failure. However, when we are obedient, it makes turning down temptations a lot easier. I have been learning to do so. To make the right choices. I have a HLJ ring on my finger that I have worn all my mission. HLJ is CTR in Spanish.I bought it in Lima, and have worn it ever since. Being on my mission it reminds me more than ever how important it really is to avoid temptations and choose the right. Haz lo justo!!  

Well, I sure love you all. I hope everyone continues to stay healthy, unlike Bridger, haha. Poor guy, I feel bad. Hopefully the surgery goes well. Send him my love! And mom, if you had to really ask if it makes me trunky to know that you all will be going to Lake Powell TOMORROW, on Josh’s new house boat, no. It doesn’t trunk me out. LIE. Of course it does!!! I’m so jealous… Thanks for rubbing it in. I just want to go somewhere warm when I get my 7 ½ months over with in the office!! (Crossed fingers… Jungle, jungle, jungle…) Haha. While I’m speaking trunkily, when I get out of the office, I will have 16 months and will only be missing another 7 ish more to come home. Hows that for trunky? Hahaha, nah, I really don’t get trunky. Its very difficult to take my sight off the work and stay focused. So don’t worry :) Anyway, stay in touch. I hope to hear from you soon! It’s never too late to repent and write poor Elder Christensen., hahaha. Have a wonderful week, I’ll talk to you soon! 

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