This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

July 5, 2011

Perú is crazy.‏

Holaaa a todos...!!
Well, I’m sorry for not being able to write you guys yesterday, got pretty busy again. So, now I figured I would take some time to get you guys caught up on things here in Perú!
First off, mom I did receive the three bags. So, I don’t know who took the perfect pushups. The package might have been opened up somewhere along the way and someone stole them. Bummer, huh? But don’t worry about them too much, they’re not a huge necessity.
Well, mom, I didn’t really say anything about the elections because I didn’t want to freak anyone out… But yeah. Ollanta doesn’t have too great of a reputation here. Some people (Peruvians) love him, and some hate him as well. >From what we hear, he will be in office on the 28th of July, and, well, were not too sure on whats gonna happen after that. We’ve heard from many people that he will be shipping us out one way or another, and some say it’s just rumors. But, keep researching about what he will do… If you can, forward me news reports on what you hear. Elder Whittaker is here with me and he said that his parents told him about a Deseret News report on the political situation. We’re all a tad bit worried, so let me know so I can tell the missionaries whats goin down… And about the riots… As far as we know as sheltered missionaries, it might continue starting up again tomorrow, and if it does, the missionaries that were taken out probably will be permanently reassigned to a different area. But from what I heard is that its pretty crazy down there. I guess the reason is that a mine somewhere down there is contaminating Lake Tittikaka and they’re super ticked. People bashing in windows to stores and stealing everything they can. And as of now, a sum of like 20 million dollars. And then all of the banks that have been burned down, as well as threatening to KILL people that try to leave. But all of the North American missionaries are out of there, and its just the Latinos that are staying… for now. It’s just so much fun here in Perú!! But as of in Cusco, there are no riots, and everything is pretty normal. I feel very safe in my area, probably the safest I’ve felt so far. We are in an area where the people are quite wealthy, actually. So don’t you worry about me okay!? I’m completely safe, and comfortable… for probably the first time in the mish…! Jajaja
My cold is basically the same, not changing very much. Still got the cough, and at night, some weird bugs bite me! I showed the stake pres what they were, (he is a doc, and my neck/arms/hands are covered in bites) and he said they were some type of flying bug. They itch like crazy!!
About the money, I will be keeping track of it. My bad!
I’m so glad that Eth had a great time at EFY! Props buddy, way to meet the chicks! I hope Bridge is having a great time as well, be sure to send him my love.
Right now, there is an Elder Smith with me, training me all of the things that I didn’t really learn how to do. I was supposed to have 3 weeks of training, and only got 2. So, President called Elder Smith, the Financial Secretary that was before Elder Samuelson, and told him to come up and give me a hand. I have been super stressed and this is a hard job to get a hang of. But, I know that with time, I will have it down pat.
So anyway, that’s about all that’s going on as of now. We continue to teach our investigators, and we try to keep a good balance of time in the office and out in the field. We have a baptism coming up this Saturday, so were stoked about that! And a few more next week! I sure hope they all go through! My comp and I are getting along well! We have so much fun together, and I know I shouldn’t… but the jokes are hard to avoid. ;) It’s all in good fun though, and I love the kid. He will be going home in August actually! So just two more changes, then I’ll have another comp. If we get kicked out of Perú, I better get to Machu Picchu real quick, huh? Jaja. I love you all! Keep my investigators in your prayers please! And me too, if you have time. : ) Thanks so much for all your support. I pray that if we do actually get sent back to the states and not to another country like Ecuador, Chile, or Bolivia, that I will be happy about it. Lets just cross our fingers and put our trust in the Lord. I love my mission!!!
Until next week!! 

Secretario Financiero
Misión Perú Cuzco
(51) 984-503-861
(51) 084-242-521
RPM #623574

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