This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

April 30, 2012

A little more like Thee.‏

Family and Friends,
Well, this week was great. Truly great! A lot of stuff has happened so I’ll try to fit it all in here in just a short 30 minutes… (I wish we had more time to write!)
So, something cool that you might not know, is that were living in cocaine alley! Hahaha seriously, there's some crazy drug terrorism going on all around us. People are being taken hostage, the terrorists are bombing police stations (outside of Quillabamba), and now they’re killing people. In Echarate, where I did a work visit this past week, like 15 people have been taken hostage! So, president told them to proselyte in p-day clothes, without their tags on. But when I was there in Echarate, everything seemed to be good. In fact, it was pretty fun for the most part! We ate cacao, which is the fruit from which they make chocolate. Well, we didn’t really eat it, you just suck on the seeds that are inside. It was TASTY. You just walk through the city there and grab mandarin oranges right off of the tree and eat them while you walk. It is a big-ish sector, and I did a baptismal interview for an investigator that they had that was baptized on Saturday in a river right there in Echarate. Hahaha you should have seen me in that interview, I would be saying something like, “Do you believe that Jesus Ch---(swatted mosquito on my cheek)--- that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, our Savior and Redeemer?” There are SO many mosquitos there. I left Echarate after a day and a half with something like 20+ mosquito bites all over. But it was great.
Pilar was baptized!!! Wow, it was a long time coming with her. It was such a great and spiritual experience to see her be baptized. She asked if I could baptize her, and it was a really special service. She stayed firm with her decision to be baptized even though her husband was against it. Her daughter traveled from Cusco to be here, and her son also accompanied her. The room was full during the service with members that have known her for years, along with her sister (member), who is probably the biggest and best influence she has ever had. She told me yesterday after she was confirmed, “I will always remember you, forever. Thank you for your patience that you had with me, and for helping me make the decision to be baptized. God will surely bless you for your service and all that you went through in order to help me.” When she said that, it brought tears to my eyes. She is the only member in her family, and we are helping her son, who lives here in Quillabamba, to make the same decision.
Abel, who was baptized last week, received the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday, so that was pretty cool. He is already attending Seminary! He's awesome. Future missionary.
We continue to visit our other investigators who are progressing and were trying to get our less active members in our branch to come back to the church. It’s great to see their faces when we show up at their houses, all surprised and happy that were there, haha. I’m doing all that I can to leave my sector better than it was when I got here.
The next transfers, dad, are on May 1st. Just count 6 weeks after each transfer date, and you get the next transfer date. So, the next transfer after May 1st is June 12th. Yes, I only have two transfers left after this one! I’m chill though, it doesn’t feel like I’ll be home in like 3 and a half months. I do need an answer though about Lake Powell! Is it gonna happen… or not?  So…. Yeah. Let me know! And I’m glad that Bridger got my letter. I’ll be sending one to each of the boys. Anyway, I have to go now, but I hope everyones good! May we all try to be more like our Savior, that we may feel His love in each of our lives, knowing that He died for all of us. I love this gospel, and I love the mission!!! I love you all!
Yours truly,
Elder Christensen

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