This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

May 18, 2012

¡Greetings! From.....‏

Hey family!! And everyone else!
So, looks like I am going to finish my mission in a place called Sicuani, Peru. (Look it up on Google) It’s a small-ish zone tucked up in the Andes about 3 hours outside of Cusco. Its also just 3 hours away from where I started the mission – Puno! Haha. It’s a really cold zone, and I am stoked to be Elder Burboa’s comp. He’s from Chile, and we are the Zone Leaders here. We have lots of plans to be visiting all the elders and to work with all of them. We have the highest altitude in the mission at Espinar. It’s about 2-3 hours from Sicuani and has an altitude of… uh… something like 3,900 meters, which is in feet somewhere around 14,500. Its pretty cold there, haha. So, I’m stoked to be here, even though its pretty cold, well, at nights and mornings. Its actually kind of like a mini-Juliaca. Hahahaha, I never thought I would come to this zone, but I know that the Lord needs me here for one reason or another. Elder Williams and I actually came here to have a baptism like a year ago. Oh, and my pension ROCKS. We are all a family it feels like. We actually live in the same building as another companionship, and its really fun. She made French toast the other day!!  Seriously, I’m loving it here! I’ve learned that in the mission, its not where you serve, but how you serve. And attitude is everything! I personally feel like I have a great attitude coming to this zone, and that’s a key ingredient to having success. I’m confident I will have success this change. Especially with Elder Burboa, he’s really awesome. We get along great, seeing that we have been friends before.
So, MOTHERS DAY! I thought it was like 5 months away?? Now its next week? What? Time is really flying by. Goodness! So, we will be talking most likely toward the nighttime, I think. Sometime during the afternoon. I will be letting you know. No worries! I love when I hear from my little brothers!! Thanks so much for writing, Ethan. You da best! And shame on the rest. Ha, that rhymed.
So, the work is kinda slow for now, but we are working hard to have some baptisms this change, to find those chosen souls that are out there looking for the truth. I don’t have much time to write, I’m sorry! But Internet is faster here, so next week I will send pics!
I love you all! Please pray for us and the Sicuani Zone! We need it!
Elder Christensen

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