This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

April 30, 2012

Happy Easter!‏

¡Hola familia!

How is everyone? Well, this week was really a full one. A lot of stuff
has gone on! First of all, I traveled to Cusco on Tuesday night for a
District Leader conference with Elder Graham and Hermana Lindsey. (She
is a trainer) So, that was fun! Its always nice to be motivated by
President Calderon. He is truly a great man. I have learned so much
from him! He continues to surprise me with the things that he teaches
me. He, his wife, one of his counselors, the mission secretary, and
the assistants came to Quillabamba on Friday. We had interviews with
President while the assistants taught a lesson, and Saturday and
Sunday was our District Conference. (Like Stake Conference) He really
has a great way of speaking. From one minute everyone is laughing, and
the next minute, you feel the Spirit. Its great, and I have really
seen him progress as a mission president over the course of my
mission. I love the man.

This morning, we went as a zone to the Mandor Waterfalls. It was
pretty legit! We all got super wet, seeing that we basically stood
underneath the 200+ foot waterfall(s). It was a lot of fun.

We had the blessing to see Abel be baptized this last Saturday! He is
such a great kid. He is so intelligent! President Calderon confirmed
him, which was way cool. We were able to activate his mother (who is
single) after 30 years of inactivity. 30 years!! She is so grateful to
us for finding them and getting them active. His mom, Maryluz, took us
to the hospital here to give her aunt a blessing. She had surgery on
her throat, and was just in really bad shape physically, and was in
the ICU. She was 78 years old and cannot talk at all. She isn’t a
member, so I explained to her the best way I could what a blessing was
before asking her if it would be okay if we gave her one. Through her
short gasps for breath, she silently nodded her head in agreement. We
blessed her, and afterward we read her some scriptures. In that
moment, I felt that she would not live much longer. I was impressed to
testify of Jesus Christ and of his atonement, and how if we repent of
our sins, God WILL forgive us. I testified as well that she shouldn’t
be afraid of death, that it is just a step in Gods plan of happiness.
A single tear fell from her eye, and I almost started crying as well.
How I wished in that moment that she could share her feelings and
maybe ask a question or two, but she couldn’t. I just told her not to
worry, and that everything would be alright. My companion shared his
testimony with her as well, and then we left. We said hi to the
family, and they were very grateful for our visit. She lived for two
more days, even though they thought she was going to live. I am so
grateful for the Plan of Salvation. We have no need to fear death,
because we know exactly what will happen afterward. It inspires me to
do all that I can to share this Gospel with everyone so that they can
joy from the blessings that the Restored Gospel gives.

We continue working with Pilar. She hopefully will be baptized this
Saturday. She is an amazing woman with amazing faith. We also
challenged David to baptism for the 21st of April. He is a Jehovah
Witness, but is the cousin of a strong returned missionary in our
branch. All he needs is to receive that answer from God and make the
decision. He is a great guy. We are also working with a bunch of other
investigators that are progressing surely but a little slowly! So
please pray for all of them.

I did get the package you guys sent. Thank you for that!!! It was much
needed. Let me tell ya! Haha.

I hope that everyone enjoyed Easter, I know that I did. It was a
special day. Let us all keep the Savior in our hearts not only this
time of the year, but always. He lives, I know it. I hope you all have
a great week! Hasta la proxima…

Elder Christensen

PS, did Bridger get my letter yet?

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