This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

April 30, 2012


¡Hola familia!

Well, lets see. So this week has been pretty good. First of all, my
new companion is Elder Farfan from Arequipa, Peru. He is 26, and he
has a good motivation to work which I am happy about. He has 14 months
in the mission. He’s a lot more mature, which is a big change from my
last companion... But we got right to work, and we have been
continuing to visit our investigators. Mom and dad, I wanted to thank
you again for the package! It was so great to get that for my
birthday. I am really enjoying everything you sent. So thanks again!!

So, I hear from Nano that there will be a Lake Powell trip in
August…??! Is this reliable information?? Fill me in!!!!!!! Tell Nan
that she's answered my prayers!

Also, we have an investigator that is addicted to smoking. We have
been trying to really help her, but she relapses again and again. I
don’t know how I can help her any more. We have gone all the way to
giving her a priesthood blessing, and I need some help with ideas! She
is really a great person, and my heart goes out to her. Her along with
her little sister Thalia (pronounced Talia), are hearing us, and may
be baptized next month. Pray for them please!

We also just met Melisa and Glenin who are ACTUALLY MARRIED. We are
stoked to be teaching them. The only problem is that he works out of
the house 6 days a week. Bummer. But we took advantage of the time we
had with them yesterday and gave him a few pamphlets to read while he
is in his work outside of Quillabamba. He has been listening to the
Jehovas Witnesses, and a little of the Adventists, but I’m confident
he will recognize they pray. We have a return appointment with them on

The parrot was an investigators that we visited about 2 or 3 weeks
ago. Haha, its such a legit parrot.

I taught elders quorum yesterday with about 2 minutes notice, it went
well, I decided to talk about the priesthood. I tried to get them all
stoked about being priesthood holders and how important it is for us
to be worthy of using it. I think it went well…

So, Elder Graham, who is from Ogden, will be coming home at the end of
this change. Which is the 1st of May. You will have to find out when
his homecoming is, and you should definitely go and see it. He is such
a great friend I have here in the mission. 801-392-9136 is his home
phone number. Give his mom a call sometime. Her name is Annie!

Dad, I don’t think that I will be finishing the mission here. After
this transfer, I have two left… So I’m pretty sure that I will be
transferred after this transfer is over. I will be letting you know
when I get the other package! Seriously, the shirts and g’s will be
muchly appreciated. And dad, I am already enrolled at Weber State… So
why did you get my grades from OHS? You don’t need them! I just need
to be registered in classes! I already have done a year of school at
Weber if you don’t remember… Haha. So don’t complicate things! If I
need to do anything, just tell me and I can ask permission from
President. He lets us do things like that here when necessary. And
mom, wow. I cant imagine you with dark hair… that’s so weird. Oh well,

as long as you like it! Haha.

Pretty stoked for Conference, like always. We are hoping to have as
many investigators as possible attend so they will be able to hear the
Prophets voice. I am so confident that it will help them immensely.

I cant send pictures here, seeing that the internet is extremely slow.
Sorry! You’ll have to wait till I’m home to see them.

I LOVE YOU ALL! Till next week…

Elder Christensen

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