This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

February 7, 2012

Publishing Peace‏

Hey everyone!
Well, the weeks just keep flying by… a lot of stuff has happened this week. First of all, Jose Luis was not baptized, due to some personal problems that he has. But, he will be baptized next Sunday, on moms birthday! Haha. We are visiting him every day at his request, and helping him along the way. We also have another baptism planned for this Saturday, Rina. She is a contact that we made while walking through the busy market. She knows our pensionista, Roxana, and another member, Ivone, who both work in the market doing upholstery. Roxana and Ivone have been accompanying us to our lessons with her, and she understands the need for a baptism in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We explained very carefully how Christ was baptized, and how we should be baptized in the same manner (Mark 10:38-39). She came to church for the second time yesterday. She is a single mom with a 4 year old boy.
Yesterday was… an interesting day. We had 6 people in the church, which was awesome!! We were stoked on that for sure. But later in the day, we could not find anyone at home! NO ONE. That was a real bummer. We decided to visit members, and on our way home for the night, we found Paolina and her husband (another contact that we had in the street the other day.) We taught her, and she cried when she said the closing prayer. She said, “God, I thank you for sending these two angles to me to bring me closer to Thee.”  Pretty legit. We were able to get to know her husband who is a mechanic, and set up an appointment on Tuesday, and a FHE in their home for Thursday. We’ll see how it goes!
Something else that was….. well… interesting, was the lady that told me she wanted her grandchildren to have my eyes, and to leave my “seed” with her daughter. I do not know if you can put it any more bluntly than that. Or, the other time when I was walking with Elder Soderquist (a new missionary in the field who shares our apartment with his comp) and two ladies thought that we didn’t speak Spanish and said, and I quote, “Oh look at them.. how handsome.. Ooh how I would like to…” And I did not hear the rest. Thank goodness I didn't hear the rest. Silly latinos…
Something else I was thinking about for my b-day package was Sour Watermelons! That's the only candy I am craving after Jacquie sent them to me. Haha. Oh, and maybe some mangoes! I get the real thing here, but they’re not dried! I don't know if you have sent it yet, but if you haven’t then great! Oh, and my size for a hat is 7 and 3/8 I think… I’m not too sure on that one. And just one more trunky suggestion… Maybe the family can get a Lake Powell trip set up in August?? Maybe? Just a thought! :) Oh, and tell Josh thanks for the email! I got it a few weeks ago, but it was great to hear from him. And thanks to you too, Grandpa Christensen! Now you know that you can email me!
Anyway everyone, I just am loving every minute out here. My comp and I get along really well as we strive to keep the spirit with us throughout the day. I can see the Lords hand in our lives as He guides us to those who need us. Although crazy things happen here in Quillabamba, I really love it. Life is so good! Tell Parker and the other guys good luck for me! They’ll be great. I can’t believe how much I have grown since entering the MTC. Just personally, I really am learning who I am and what I’m all about. That made me think mom, the mission really is more for me I think than anyone else. Apart from all the people I help, I am helping myself I think even more. Mom, you’re trunkier than I will ever be! Don't talk about hugs getting off the plane… just yet! Haha, I love you though, and I know it will be a day to look forward to. I have much left to do and accomplish here in Perú, cant get distracted! Keep the faith everyone. This is truly the work of the Lord. I am a Publisher of Peace. (Isaiah 52:7)
Con amor,
Elder Christensen 

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