This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

February 7, 2012

Faith In Every Footstep‏

Hey everyone!

Well, this week has gone by really quickly. I'm just going to touch on a couple things that I can remember.

First and foremost.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! Its really hard for me to not be able to really do anything physically for you, but props to Bridge for the cake and flowers! I wish there was something more I could do, but I can't. I find that really frustrating at times here so far away from everyone. But, its all good! Just know, mom, how much I love and care for you. So much!!

So, this Tuesday are transfers! Thankfully, my comp and I are both staying in Quillabamba together. We were pretty glad about that! Oh, and I think Mamá Roxana (my favorite pensionista ever, she actually reminds me of you, mom!) is going to write you an email  today, so be looking for it! She wanted to wish you a happy birthday! It will obviously be in Spanish, so maybe Rachel or Google Translator can help you out!

This last Thursday I was in Cusco for a DL/ZL training, and it went really well. We learned a lot about the mission and the problems we are facing and how we can overcome them and achieve the success that we desire here in our missions. I visited the Carrasco family (not my old pensionistas family, but Pres. Carrascos brother) from my old ward (Chaski Ward) that morning, and they were so happy to see me! They invited me right in and the fed us a big breakfast. He said that his doors are always open for me. I love them, they are such great people! That night, I treated Elder Retamozo to dinner at Fuego (the restaurant that serves American food) because he is finishing the mission and we became pretty good friends. The lady there was also super glad to see me! She gave us each a free slice of raspberry cheesecake... mmm... Delicious.

We continue to find more people as we prayerfully seek the guidance from the Lord. I know that He is always guiding us, each step of the way. We have been finding more people to teach, and many are very close from baptism. However, Jose Luis was unable to be baptized due to some problems he has been facing lately. We lost contact with him for almost all of last week, but yesterday we talked to him. We took him to a park where we had a long talk. He told us something that I really didn't know before. He has a disease that is called osteogenisis imperfecta. Look it up on Google, but his bones are extremely fragile and he is the only person in Quillabamba that has it. Poor guy, but he is really amped this week, and we are sure that he will be baptized soon. His desires are high, all he needs to do is put in a little more effort. Rina, however, says that her sister traveled to Lima and she wants to be present in her baptism. We have an appt with her tomorrow, so we will see how that goes. Hopefully we can help her out. She attended church for the third time this week! She really enjoys it.

So, something interesting happened yesterday in our sacrament meeting. As we are singing the opening hymn, a couple walks in with their new baby that just almost a week and a half ago was born. We are really good friends with them. So anyway, he looks at me while they are finding their seats and he says in a half whisper, "Hey, you're going to give the blessing to our baby today." I thought they were joking until they walked up there and the branch president said, "Elder Christensen, that means you too." Holy crap, here I am thinking, I have never given a baby's blessing before! But I did it, and it actually turned out really well. They were really appreciative, and I am thankful for the confidence that they have in me. Pretty cool experience! Haha.

I have really been reflecting on the importance of faith in our lives. Everything we do in our lives, day by day, should be done by faith. Every step we take, trusting in the Lord that he will direct our paths. Like it says in Proverbs 3:5-6. I know that if we trust in Him, he will keep his promise. Faith in every footstep, I love that. Let us all trust in Him, and His will for each of us, just a little more. Missions are the best!! 

Take care everyone, I love you all!!

Elder Christensen

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