This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

February 7, 2012

¡¡¡New sector, new comp, New Year!!!‏

Hey family!!
Haha, dad, why did you ask if I was transferred? Of course I was transferred! My new area is awesome. I love it here!! My new companion is Elder Morales from Nicaragua. He lives in the mission where Connor Kendrick is serving! So, I got here on Wednesday at like 4am after a really long bus ride. I tried to sleep, but it was really hard with all the curves and bumps along the way. I woke up to a really humid air, and I was sweating already. We got off the bus and got all my bags and walked to our apartment about a block away from the bus terminal. I showered in cold water, which was nice, and got to bed. I woke up at about 8ish, to roosters making that annoying sound that they make. I was pretty tired, but we went to our district meeting where I met my new district as district leader! In my district are the sisters and the zone leaders. It was interesting giving my first lesson as a DL, but it went pretty well as we talked about some problems that we have here in the zone. We also talked about solutions and how we can achieve them. I think it went pretty well.
So, the new zone where I am is called Quillabamba! Its semi-jungle, but my sector looks and feels just like the jungle. Its really hot here, really humid, but right now it’s the rainy season. So it doesn’t get as hot as it normally does. But just sitting here in the internet café, I’m sweating. It’s a big change from Cusco, but I love it! The work here is great. The leadership in our branch is so-so. We are just a district here in Quillabamba. But I really like it. We are finding a lot of great people to teach. I am feeling normal now health wise, and I am back to normal! So, dad, don’t worry about my sickness! Thanks for caring, but I’m fine now.
Well, I don’t have much time to write all that I would like to, but I am really happy to be here in Quillabamba. Oh, happy new year! I kinda forgot about that. Ha, but yeah needless to say there was a lot of drunk people passed out in the streets. Gotta love Peru!
I love you all! Thanks for your support and love. Till next week!
Elder Jordan Van Christensen
PS, really sorry about no pictures… This internet café is crap. Its suuuper slow, so hopefully next week we go somewhere else.

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