This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

December 7, 2011

Savin' lives.‏


First off…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIDGE!!! Man, you’re 17 years old. That’s weird to think about. Hope your day is great buddy! Sure love you! Next year you’re getting cake in your face.

This week has flown by! Man, this week (if I leave the office) my replacement will come! So strange to think about. I’ve gotten so accustomed to being here in Cuzco and the office, but I am so excited to get back out in the field where its just my comp and me. Next week you’ll know if I’m leaving or not! So, there are a number of possibilities where I can go next. I’m still banking on jungle! We’ll find out soon enough. The task of training a new financial secretary will be a good challenge. I’m going to write up a sheet that explains EVERYTHING, so that he can just look to that when he has questions. I’m not sure though if its gonna be a Latin or a North American. Time will tell

So, I kinda have a crazy story. Elder Whittaker and I went to an appointment on Tuesday and we were teaching two cousins. One of them has a 7 year old kid, and the other isn’t married. Well, the one with the kid isn’t married either, but anyway. So, we were teaching them about the Doctrine of Christ, 2nd Nefi 31. When, one of them receives a phone call from her boyfriend and leaves the room with her kid, apparently because it was an argument. So, we try to wait for her, but she didn’t come back very soon so we kept teaching. We came to their house that day with the goal of challenging them to baptism, and we were about to do so, when all of the sudden the kid bursts into the house and says, “A man fell in the river! He needs help!” So, we jump up and rush outside to see whats going on. Now, you should understand, this river has walls of concrete about 12 feet high on both sides. This man, who was WAY drunk, had fallen into this river head first. When we got out there, he had managed to stand up, but was just standing there like… confused, didn’t know what happened, etc. He was soaked, but not all of it was water. It was the blood gushing from his head. He had a legit hole in his head, definitely a broken skull, and a mashed nose. So, Whittaker jumps down into the river and helps him to get his footing at the base of the wall. He boosts him up and I grab his arms to lift him out. He was HEAVY. (Thank you adrenaline!) We got him out, sat him down, and I called President Carrasco, the doctor, for help on what to do. He said to call the equivalent of 911 here in Cuzco which is 105. We called, but no one answers. By this time there were 2 people with us and they said, “No, if you call from a cell phone they don’t answer because they think it’s a prank.” I don’t understand that at all, and I got preeeetty mad about it. That would never happen in the states. So, we were freaking out, when thankfully a policeman showed up, but was on a motorcycle. He said that he can't do anything and left. What??! So, I call President Carrasco again, and he leaves his interviews from the chapel, and says he is on his way. That was a relief. We wait a few minutes, and then a police truck shows up. So, we had to cross a class “A”, sketchy, wooden bridge to get to where the police truck was. This bridge is 3 feet wide, and every other plank is missing. But, we get on the “bridge” with this drunk guy with a serious head wound. So, I go first, backwards, holding his arms, while Whittaker is behind him, grabbing his jacket. We get almost all the way across, and he almost faints. I yank him over, and he stumbles off, while Whittaker almost fell off the bridge. We load him into the police truck, and they’re off to the hospital. I call President Carrasco again, thank him, and tell him that he doesn’t need to come. We went to the chapel to wash up though. My hands/forearms were all bloody and nasty, and everyone in the chapel that night knew what happened because the stake president told everyone that he had to go help us rescue this drunk. So, needless to say, it was a craaaazzy night. We saved that guys life. There was no one else there to do anything, because we were in the hood part of our sector (well, basically all of our sector is ghetto), and I can honestly say that I don’t think anyone else would have helped him or even seen him. If our investigator wasn’t out there talking to her boyfriend, she wouldn’t have seen it happen, and if we weren’t there that night, we wouldn’t have ever known about him or what might have happened.

So that’s my crazy week! Besides that, we continue with the family of 4 in the glass business, and we taught them the first lesson along with the Book of Mormon. They just ate it up! The dad especially is so excited to read the BOM and his wife asks so many great questions! We have a follow-up appointment with them this week. Thanksgiving was a hit, we went to Fuego where they prepared a true American Thanksgiving meal: bread, french onion soup, turkey from Lima, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, candied yams, and to finish it off, pumpkin pie! So delicious, all for about $10. We were happy campers.

I love all of you! Thanks for your support and prayers. This week I heard a line from a song that really hit me: “Maybe success is measured best, by nothing less that our obedience.” That hit home with me for sure! It’s so very true, that my success here in the mission is measured by my obedience. That applies to each of our lives as well. I’m gonna stay faithful, stay obedient, and finish strong when my time comes.
Till next week! Take care and be safe!

Secretario Financiero
Misión Perú Cuzco
(51) 984-503-861
(51) 084-242-521
RPM #623574

PS--- Sorry about the pics, hope everyone has a strong stomach. If theres no pictures, its like it didnt happen! The other pic is of the smallest lizard I've ever seen! And then our Thanksgiving, with Elder Sowards and his comp. Yes, Sowards is doing much better. He is back to normal.

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