This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

December 5, 2011

La Conferencia General‏

Yo familia, 

How is everyone doing? I hope the weekend was great! I thoroughly enjoyed conference. I always look forward to it. Its crazy that its already over! Done with my 3rd in the mission. One more left. We were able to watch it here in the office online, seeing that we unfortunately didn’t have anyone that was able to attend. I loved it though. I especially enjoyed this conference and felt like I needed to hear a good chunk of the talks. A few that stook out to me: President Uchtdorf’s Saturday AM talk, “God is aware of us”. Carl B. Cook´s Saturday PM Session, “It’s better to look up!”. Jeffrey R. Holland’s Priesthood Session talk was amazing. Robert D. Hales’ Sunday AM Session talk, “Wait upon the Lord”. Tad R. Callister’s Sunday AM Session talk, “The Book of Mormon”. Also, I enjoyed Elaine S. Dalton’s talk about how to raise a girl! Hahaha, I know it sounds funny. But hey, I’ll probably have a little girl in the VERY distant future, so I might as well take advantage of the knowledge now! :) But, all in all, I found a lot of comfort, inspiration, and personal revelation during this session of conference. Definitely loved it. I love this gospel so much. This church is true, I can’t deny it. Boys, I hope you listened up in Priesthood Session, that the Lord needs TENS of thousands more missionaries that are worthy, willing, and ready to serve Him in the future. Prepare yourselves now! Kazuhiko Yamashita said that every young man should bring 3 things with him on the mission: 

1. A desire to preach the restored gospel. 

2. Have a strong testimony. (i.e., Book of Mormon) 

3. Love others. 

Bridger, you’re next up to bat big guy! Prepare now, so that when your call to serve comes, you will be ready and willing to leave on the mission. Ethan, you too can prepare now by gaining a testimony for the Book of Mormon, and going to seminary. You both will learn so much in seminary. I loved my teacher, Brother Woodbury. He was always so happy and had an amazing testimony of this gospel. He was one of the motivations for me to serve a mission. Make the decision now, if you haven’t already, to serve a full time mission. I love you boys and will behind you every step of the way. 

We are continuing the work here in Cusco! We had two baptisms this last Friday, and they were confirmed that same day. They are Wendy and Alexandra, the two little sisters of Lisett. We have been trying to really work with their family, and help them. The dad is still a little far away, but he is coming along. The bishop is really helping us with him, and gave him a hard cover triple at his daughters’ baptism. Little by little, he will come to recognize the truth. 

We have some good news here in the office!!!! The new assistant is….. Drum roll please…. ELDER ROGERS! That’s right, haha, we are all so stoked for him and he is pretty stoked as well. He is such a great missionary and friend. We are gonna have a lot of fun. 

We all in the office finished with 9 baptisms for the month of September. We completed our goal, and 9 has never been done in the office district before, so we went out to eat. We went to a rodizio grill called, Señor Carbón. It. Was. Awesome. All you can eat meat. We literally ate more than 100 soles worth of meat. And that’s A LOT. You pay 40 for the all you can eat, and are you ready for this…? I gained 3.5 kilos after just that lunch. That’s right. I prepared, and I conquered. Now its gone though, I paid for it that night and the next day. Got kinda sick, pero vale la pena!!! 

Anyway, yes I met Egglestons parents, but their luggage was lost on the way from the US to Perú. Ha. Go figure. The guy at Delta told them that they would have the luggage today, in the morning, but I haven’t heard from them yet. I did get the huge hug from his mom, from you!! Thank you for that! His parents are such a riot, hahaha. They took us out to dinner last night, and we found a small Mexican restaurant. It was pretty decent, but nothing like Costa Vida. Hopefully I’ll get the camera and the salsa soon!!! 

The weather here is fine. It’s not super hot during the day, and gets down into the 40’s at night. So, it’s not too bad here. Tomorrow all the noobs will be entering, and we will be training them. Its always fun to train. Without fail, everyone asks, “How much time do you have in the mission?” It feels good to say more than a year. It’s crazy to think that I’m becoming one of the “old guys” in the mish. I love it though. I know how the mission runs, and how everything works. Its SO different than from when I entered in Puno and didn’t know anything. Oh, the last change, a missionary from Argentina gave me a letter from Bryson! Bryson is ALSO the financial secretary for his mission in Resistencia! Funny right? Man alive.. El tiempo está volando…. Demasiado rapido! 

Anyway fam. I love you guys a lot! Thanks for all you do for me. I appreciate all the support. Heed to the words of our prophet and his apostles. I know they are men called of God. Their mission is to help the rest of us gain our salvation in the kingdom of God. I am so privileged to be an instrument in His hands here in Perú. I love this country, this work, and being a missionary. Keep in touch!

Secretario Financiero Misión Perú Cuzco
(51) 984-503-861 
(51) 084-242-521 
RPM #623574

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