This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

December 5, 2011

Happy Halloween!!‏

Hey family!

How is everyone doing this week? Hopefully well! Right now I am with some members from California that live here in Cuscotopia! I'm even writing on a MacBook! It feel really nice to be using a mac after 14 months! (Tomorrow!) He invited us to lunch, so I don't know how long I'll be able to write before we leave.

Anyway, we have had a lot of good things happen this week, I'll try to touch on the highlights. 

Well, to start off, my really nice/favorite Tommy Hilfiger tie that you sent like 3 weeks ago, was stolen! Cool. Someone literally went into my room, then the closet, and just snagged it. That really made me upset. I dont know who has it, but if you could send another one... I would appreciate it? 

A couple weeks ago, I got bit on the bee-hind by a German Shepard, and it ripped a big hole in my grey pants. So... Maybe you could send another pair of pants? But if you can, find some slim pants, because all the ones I have feel really big around my legs, and they get caught on fences, doors, or mud. So, I think if you go to like Old Navy, or maybe another place, you could find some! And, it'll be cheaper.

So, probably the highlight of the week would be that Leonel, my investigator (now member) from Juliaca, came to Cusco to visit! My son, the missionary I trained, who is also here in Cusco, was able to go on splits with me and we went to meet him in our chapel. It was so great to talk to him again and to just talk about the experiences that he had after we had left. He expressed to us just how much he was grateful for what we had taught him, and to introduce him to this gospel. He told us that he as well wants to serve a mission and that he is about to start preparing for it!!!! ALSO, that another one of my converts in Juliaca is preparing for the mission as well!! Holy smokes!!!! I cannot tell you how happy I felt in that moment. I felt probably the best that I had in my mission up until now. I can't tell you how great it feels, to know that my time in Juliaca wasn't wasted. Just knowing that there are people that I have helped and that they even are wanting to serve a mission... makes me feel like my mission itself, is a success. BEST FEELING EVER!!!!

So, this week has been really fun. My comp and I have been thinking about going to Machu Picchu on the 19th of December. What do you guys think? Oh, and its 100% sure that I will be here until the 27th of December. This change ends on the 15th, and the next ends on the 27th of Dec. So, I will have to start thinking of who to recommend to president for my replacement. I will give him 4-5 names, and he will choose from those. Pretty weird to think that I almost have just one more change in the office!  Time really just flies here. I wonder where I'll go afterward!?...

Okay, well I don't have much more time, and I don't have anyway to get pictures attached to this email, so I will be sending some a little bit later. (If I can.) I love all of you so much, thanks for everything! I hope you have a great week, and tell the boys that if they say they write me every week, its a lie! Haha, well, see ya later!

Secretario Financiero

Misión Perú Cuzco
(51) 984-503-861
(51) 084-242-521
RPM #623574

Oh, ps. Funniest story this week. We got into a taxi, and told him where we were going and stuff, but he answered in kind of a choked up voice... So, we didn't say anything just got in, and sat down. It didn't take us long to figure out that it was the soap opera he was listening to on the radio is what was making him cry. Hahahaha, it was so great. Wiping tears from his face and trying to not let us see. Best taxi ride ever.

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