This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

June 4, 2012

"God answers prayers."‏

Hey family!
So this week has really passed by quickly for me, probably for a number of reasons. Some good, some not so good, haha. Ill go ahead and touch on the good!
So do you remember when i sent an email right after moms day saying that i was hoping to find a family that week? And how i asked for extra prayers and such? Well, the Lord came through! We found that family! Yup! An entire family completely prepared to hear the gospel. We were introduced to them by a member, and they are all so willing to change their lives, and let Christ in. Their names are: Roberto - dad - 51, Francisca - mom - 50 ish, Fran - son - 23, Luz - daughter - 20 (who we don't know yet, should be getting home today), and Miriam - daughter - 17. The only downside is that the mom and dad aren't married... But they have plans to get that taken care of soon. They all are willing to be baptized, and the kids will be baptized first on the 9th of June! They ALL came to church today, and loved it. I feel so blessed to be teaching them. Roberto offered the closing prayer in their home and started to cry as he pleaded for his families happiness. "Heavenly Father truly answers prayers", i told my comp as we left their home. I have been praying ever since i have been in Sicuani to find a family that is prepared to hear our message. The Lord held through on His part, now we have to do ours and teach them this true, restored gospel. I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!!! We continue to work with our other investigators that are progressing, but seem to always have problems that keep them from baptism.
Today in our Zone Meeting, I talked about our potential as sons and daughters of God, as well as our potential as missionaries. We as missionaries have a huge potential! Having been called by a living prophet of God, having been set apart and given the authority to preach His gospel, we labor gladly bringing souls unto Christ. However, if we aren’t obedient, if we don’t truly study the gospel, if we don’t work diligently, and if we don’t have faith in God that He will support us every step of the way, we cannot reach that potential. It went well, and we encouraged the zone to work even harder to reach the goals that we have set for next month, June.
So… this week you’ll never guess what we had for lunch! Haha…. Ahh… Ready? Sheep head soup. Floating in the soup was pieces of brain, along with skin. She didn’t give us any of the eyeballs, the tongue, etc, thank goodness. She did it mostly as a joke on us. A really, really disgusting joke. But for them, it’s a delicacy. Really! They enjoy eating the eyeballs, the tongue, brains, etc. Hahaha I love her! Her name is Mery, and her husband is “Pepe”. His real name is Juan, but everyone calls him Pepe. They are so great. Were all a big family in their house!
Oh, hey i want you to register me in a painting class at Weber please! Yes, painting. I almost forgot to remind you about that. Jose from Quillabamba has inspired me. I cant wait to show you the painting he painted for me! How goes everything with registering me for classes?
Anyways! I LOVE YOU ALL! Thanks for all the emails :) Till next week!
Elder Jordan Van Christensen
Sheep head. Its whats for lunch!

Sheep tongue

A baptism of a little girl named Milagros. We are helping their family to get activated! Yeah!

My comp and I on our hike like 3 weeks ago!

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