This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

June 4, 2012


Dearest family and friends,

So this week has gone by pretty quick as well. It seems like time just
goes faster and faster! Anyway, so this week we as zone leaders had a
"council" in Cusco. Its fancy talk for a conference. It went pretty
well and we were able to learn a lot i feel like. We reviewed a
training given by Spencer W. Kimball entitled: "Jesus: El Lider
Perfecto" translated, "Jesus: The Lerfect Leader". It was literally
full of such great imformation, and i felt like i was able to recieve
personal revelation. I learned more of Christs earthly leadership and
just how perfectly he did EVERYTHING. I learned how i could be a
better leader. I was so impressed by the fact that He knew his
purpose, He knew the great responsibility placed upon His shoulders
had eternal signifigance, and He was able to calculate the long term
effect and impact His words would have on humanity. He walked
selflessly among his fellow man, putting their needs above His own. He
served with love. <3 We should always remember His example. I know
that i will. Oh, and we ate tacos in Cusco at "El Cuate", which means
"friend" in mexican/guatemalan slang.. It was decent!

Our zone is getting better. My companion and i are getting along
better i feel like, which is a relief. He'll probably have a change to
finish somewhere else, then i will meet my LAST companion. Now that
feels weird to say. I cant believe that i am almost to my last
transfer! The last six weeks are rapidly approaching. It actually
doesnt feel different much, except the fact that missionaries look at
me and are like, "woah man, youre dying.." Haha thats mission slang
for saying youre going home, basically. Prettty crazy. Im not getting
trunky though, im focused on what matters most right now: the mission!

So, we killed a lamb the other day and had it for lunch.  Yes, we
killed and gutted it and everything right here at the house. Dont
worry i totally have it on video, ill show you when im home. We
actually had it yesterday as well.. Its a lot of meat! The video
really is disgusting.

So, we have been working a lot with the Chelquetuma family. We are
seeing some difficulties with the son, but are helping him along the
way. Lucero and her mom traveled to Juliaca yesterday, and got home
last night but missed church. Lucero's baltism will probably be the
16th now, because she missed sacrament meeging. I am giving my blue
suit to Fran (the son) on his baptism day. He really is a good kid,
just has some not so great influences as friends. He may end up
serving a mission, too! He really likes the church and has already
made some good friends (returned missionaries). Today in priesthood
meeting we all had little papers that we were to write goals on, short
term and long term. The teacher showed me Roberto's goals
afterwards... His goals are as follows: "1. Be baptized in Jesus'
church. 2. Be married to my wife. 3. Attend church. 4. Pray to God
every day. 5. Talk to others about the bible. 6. Be faithful to God.
7. Help my children. 8. Walk with Jusus always." Yeah, so that gives
you an idea of how great this man is. Wonderful. Please keep them in
your prayers. He has a problem with his ID that is holding him back
from being married, so we need prayers!!

Well, i havent gotten the package yet, ill let you know when i do!
Hopefully this week. I should be sending off Tan mans letter here this
week, so be on the look out here in a couple weeks. Oh and whats the
deal on the house? Are we gonna be moving or...? Let me know what the
details are. And dont forget to get me into that painting class at
weber!! Try to make all my classes in the morning if you can.. So i
can work in the afternoon.

Know that i love you all! SO MUCH!! Till next week,

Elder Jordan Van Christensen

Oh, and today we went to Machupitumarca, which are a bunch of ruins in
a pueblo called Pitumarca. See the pics! And the two alpaca ties that
I had the member make for me!

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