This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

March 20, 2012

Defender of Truth‏

Buenos dias!

How is everyone doing today? Hopefully just as good as I am! I hate not having enough time to write what I would like to write, so I'll try to mash these keys fast enough to get done before the 30 minute mark. Ok... go!

So, some of the coolest things that have happened this week was finding 11 new investigators that we are hoping will progress in the gospel, learn to keep commitments, the commandments, and most of all know just how important baptism is. Its like lemonade! What do you need to make lemonade? Water, sugar, and of course, lemons. If we don't have sugar, then its not lemonade. If we don't have lemons, its not either. Its that way with a baptism like Christs. (1.) Someone that has a desire to be baptized at an age where they can understand the importance of it. (2.) By someone that possesses the priesthood, or authority of God. (3.) In water sufficiently deep for immersion. If we are lacking any of those three, then it is not a "complete" baptism in the eyes of God. We are working with Pilar and preparing her for this Saturday, her baptism! Pray for her please that she will have the courage and faith to take this step in her life.

I continue to enjoy being a DL and teaching on Wednesdays. I find that as I teach, that I end up learning more.. a LOT more! I love it. I am anxious for General Conference coming up the end of this month. I love hearing from the General Authorities. Their messages are so inspired, and it truly is just what God wants for us to hear.

The elders in our apartment are great! We all get along really well. In fact, both of the Latinos (my comp, and Elder Soderquists comp) are from Managua, Nicaragua. So Connor, if you read this, you might know their families! One is Morales, and the other is Chavez. Haha, nah, thats a long shot, but they are cool. They just talk kinda funny, and don’t pronounce their “s” when they talk, haha.

I love, absolutely love, being a missionary! I am really grateful for the time I have to dedicate myself 100% to the Lord and just focus on His will and to really do my best to grow from all of the experiences, good or bad, that I am having here. The mission is a chance of a lifetime. I am so grateful that I had the faith and courage sufficient to put this tag on. I represent Jesus Christ, and love Him with all my heart. I defend our faith day by day, and I find joy beyond description being here in Peru!


Elder Christensen

Oh, and about the camera, I will see what to do about it this week, don't buy one there yet. Its too big of a risk to send them. But yes I do need the shirts and g's. Thanks for everything! And I haven't gotten the package yet. Its still sitting in the offices in Cusco! So yes its here, but not in Quillabamba yet. They will send it today though I think. My birthday was good! Mama Roxana bought me a cake! She also bought some really good chicken and we ate that. We had pancakes for breakfast! She is really the best pensionista I've had. Shes like a mom!

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