This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

July 16, 2012


Hello family and friends!                                                                                                                 July 2, 2012
Well, this week went by quite quickly! First of all, we had interviews and a Zone Conference with President Calderon this week. He first asked about my health, because I was pretty sick last week, then he asked if I was trunky yet. Hahaha I just laughed a said "no", and assured him that Elder Agazzani and I are working hard. We are also, with Presidents help, organizing a huge activity this Sunday! Its a Musical Recital that will include the stake choir, as well as special numbers done by missionaries! So, Hna. Martinez, who was in my district in Quillabamba, will be coming to direct the music and help organize everything. Elder Ryan and I will be singing a duet, which I'm stoked about. Hna. Martinez always told me that I needed to share my talents more, and I did quite a lot in Quillabamba with her. So, she'll be happy that I am going to help out in the presentation. It's gonna be awesome. We printed out 2,000 invitations and got all the wards involved. Should be a great turnout.
It has been a hard week as far as sacrament meeting attendance. We only had 3 people come to church. We can't seem to find Miguel and Ayde in their house... We have gone by at least 5 times this last week, with no luck. We are almost positive they have moved. With our cell phone lost, (yup, thats my bad) we have been trying to find other ways of coming in contact with them. But we talked with her good friend, Rossi, who is a member, and she was almost positive that they moved in with Ayde's family. They are really low on income, and cannot afford their rent. So we are going to try and visit them there... even though they are all JWs. We'll see how that goes.
Thanks so much for fasting for Roberto and Francisca!! We were hoping so much that it would help them, and yesterday when we visited them, we found out that it did!!!! Roberto started to do some researching, and had an idea to speed up the process. I cant explain it right now, cuz its a really long story, but he is going today to see if his idea will work. If this works, he will be able to apply for his ID, and then shortly afterward he can get married and baptized! Their whole family is so great. Honestly. Roberto got up in sacrament yesterday and bore his testimony of how he knows that this is the true church, and he thanked us over and over again for being there for his family, and for showing them the light. He also payed tithing today, and is showing his faith in such amazing ways. As is his son, Frank! He is determined to serve a mission. Yesterday he received the Aaronic Priesthood as a priest, and has already been talking to the bishop and members about preparing for a mission. He is attending Mission Prep now every saturday, and is studying the scriptures and everything so much! Its really so wonderful that he has such a great desire to serve. I can't wait for him!!!!! So stoked. The ward has really helped them feel comfortable, and now they feel right at home.
Oh, before I forget, if you could send space bags, that might help with extra room in my luggage... What do you think? I have given all mine away to other missionaries who have returned home, and now I'm the one needing them to return home! I dont think I will need more than 2, seeing that I'm not going to be taking many things home. But, its just an idea.
I hope that everyone has a wonderful week! You all are in my prayers.
Elder Christensen

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