This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

July 16, 2012

Day by Day...

Hello everyone!!

So, to start things off, Frank (yes, his name has been Frank all along! hahaha) and Miriam were baptized!!! It was a wonderful service, and they are wonderful as well. We warmed up the water to a toasty 32-33º C. Probably the first time in my mission baptizing with really warm water. Afterwards, that night, we took their family out to eat chicken. It was overall a really awesome day. I ended up giving Frank my blue suit, to which he was extremely grateful. Also, my comp gave him a white shirt and tie. He came to church (not with the suit, it needs to be tailored a bit) with the white shirt and tie, lookin good for his confirmation. Also, Miriam is a really sweet girl. During her testimony she gave at the end of her baptism, she thanked me for everything I have done for her family. They are both registered in Seminary and Institute already, and went with the members to do visits to those who didnt come to church yesterday. Oh, and Frank asked me what he needed to do in order to serve a mission! He has many RM's here in the ward that are helping him to prepare to serve a mission. Best day ever!! On Friday, they invited us to cuy, which is Guinea pig! Its a delicacy here in Peru, and it wasn't too bad! The second time I've eaten it. Tastes like chicken. 

Funny story real quick. So.... while we were figuring out how to turn on the heater to heat the baptismal font water, (which is COMPLETELY different than the water heaters in the states) we had experience! So, I cant explain it over email, but it ended up in a small gas explosion! Yeah, it almost singed my eyebrows off. Will explain more at home. Haha, but dont worry, were laughing about it now. 

Now, on Tuesday, which is tomorrow, my companion and I are planning on doing a special fast for the Chelquetuma family starting after lunch. I was wondering what you guys think about joining in with us? I would really appreciate it, we could really use the help. Hopefully you decide to help us.

This last week I got pretty sick with who knows what. I'm better now, but I had a fever, nausea, headache, etc. Not very fun, and resulted in me being in bed for a day and a half, not really being able to move for lack of strength. But im good now, no worries mom! 

Its been pretty hard to get people to come to church this last week, specifically Ayde and Miguel. We think they traveled somewhere, because we have been passing by daily to try to find them, and nothing. So, hopefully we will find them this week, they can get their wedding papers done, and then get baptized. Really they have so many desires to change, be married, and baptized, we just need to figure out what happened this week. Keep them in your prayers.

So, this week I got something cool in the mail from our Ward Mission Leader! He sent testimonies of some of the members there in our ward translated into spanish! I'm sure that you know all about it, but tell him that I am already using them! Such a great idea. I gave Dayton Write's testimony to a new investigator, Carlos, who has a baptismal date for the 7th of July. He said that he was impressed at his testimony. Will keep updated on the progress of the project.

Well, family and friends, times coming short, but I have attached my flight plans in this email!!! I arrive in SLC on August 3rd, at 1:05pm!!! Crazy to think about. I am really keeping focused and I am so grateful for the companion I have. Really, I love the guy. We help each other to get better, and we are working harder than ever! We have been receiving tons of references from the members this week, and have many investigators that are candidates for baptism this next month. I plan on finishing my mission serving others, and doing my best to be meticulously obedient. I love my zone, even though we are still struggling a bit. But we are getting better. Little by little. Day by day, I am loving my mission more and more. I LOVE YOU ALLLLL!!!!

Take care! Till next week,

Elder Christensen

PS!!! PLEASE try and sign me up for a photography class!!! I would almost prefer that right now instead of painting. 

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