This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

July 16, 2012

Leave It All On The Field

Wow.                                                                                                                                                July 16, 2012
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I just wrote that with my face. Thats about how I feel right now. 2 ish weeks, and counting.
So anyway! This week passed by FAST. Crazy fast. We have been doing a lot of preparations for Roberto and Franciscas marriage on Saturday! We have got to know the boss of the department at City Hall (I just recently remembered that that is what that building is called) that is in charge of civil marriages, and has been a HUGE help to us. Ever since the meeting with the Mayor, she has been making everything 110% easier than before. We are 98.978% sure that they will be able to be married on Saturday. She has been pulling A LOT of strings to say the least. That has also in itself been an answer to my prayers. Funny story, so Mirella, the boss, and being the boss of the department in charge of marriages is not married. Hahahaha Elder Jensen was with me when we found out and he was about ready to make the joke: "Well, if you get married with us, you get half off!" Hahahaha I was rolling. But he didnt. But her boyfriend is a member of the church!!! Inactive, but a member! So, she agreed that we can come to her house and visit with them and chat a bit! Yes, she lives in our sector. Legit. Elder Jensen and I have planned to look for the mayor again and give him a Book of Mormon, and try to take an appt out with his family. Unfortunately this week he was always busy when we looked for him. So, after they are married, its possible that they be baptized the same day, or, Sunday morning. But I am positive that things are going to work out. We can always use extra prayers though! Its pretty tiring, trying to get everything done, helping them financially, literally running to different places, just to get all of their requirements done for marriage. I would say that these last two months ish, I have been literally exhausted. I am just so tired every day. But I am still working my hardest to leave my sector better than it was when I got here. Its hard being a missionary thats about to finish the mission, because if I could go back and start over with all of the knowledge I have now, things would be SO much easier. But thats part of the mission. Its a learning process, and luckily I can give advice to those missionaries that are starting the mission to help them in one way or another. I wish I knew then, what I know now. But then again, I wouldnt change anything in my mission. I am content, but it would have been nice to know! Haha. I'm stoked to help the boys prepare for their missions once I'm home.
So, this being my last week here in Sicuani, I am ready to give my all. To leave it all on the field. I am determined to leave my sector much better than it was when I got here. I hope that whoever comes in my place can have much more success than I had, and that the work here in Sicuani can continue to grow.
Aside from all that, there isn't much news. We continue to work with our investigators that are progressing, and we have been visiting an inactive family that came to church for the first time in a long time yesterday! Its something special to help activate a family and see them all in the chapel. Its like a baptism, obviously not the same, but you feel GREAT! They have a son that isn't baptized yet, and he might be baptized this week.
Its a strange feeling that in a week I'll be in Cusco! On Monday, all of the missionaries that are finishing the mission go to the mission home to have dinner and a small meeting. Its so crazy that this is all happening! Where has the time gone??! I will miss the mission, this country, these people, etc, but on the other hand, I am stoked to be home. Dont get me wrong, I will miss being a missionary having the calling to bring people unto Christ is something so special. But I am excited to see everyone again and just continue on in my life. This isnt the last email, so I dont want to include everything I have to say yet, so I'll cut it here! Cant wait to hear from everyone next week! I'll be writing on Tuesday, seeing that I'll be chillin in Machu Picchu on Monday! Booyah. Take care!!
Elder Jordan Van Christensen

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