This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

May 18, 2012

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!! (yesterday)‏

Hey everyone!
Well, it was great to hear from all of you! Looks like I called at a good time! There isn't much to say, I just hope that everyone is doing well! I was thinking that if you are going to send a last package, that maybe you could include a tie or something for my comp (and maybe for me!), and maybe something for my pensionista and her husband? Just a thought. And let me know when you figure things out for Weber State, so that we can get me signed up for classes once and for all!
I keep working hard here, even though there are trials, I know that they are to teach me and help me grow. I am hoping to find a family this week that we may teach, and help them to come unto Christ. Keep us in your prayers, we need them now more than ever!
Elder Christensen

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