This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

September 2, 2011

Days to Remember‏

¡Hooooolllllllaaaa mi querida familia!

Tomorrow morning, Williams will be on the plane going home! It’s crazy to think that he’s going home. Seems like just yesterday I got here and I still had 2 changes with him! But Whittaker and I are kicking butt out here. We are getting along great, and are trying to be the example for the office. I love the kid. We always have so much fun, but we WORK. Tomorrow in the afternoon we will be picking up the newbies from the airport and giving them the training in the mission home. That means homemade-mission home-northern Perú food! Booya.

So, this week has been really awesome! We have been seeing great success here in our sector. To start off, Victor was baptized on the 19th and confirmed yesterday! We could really see his willingness to accept and live the gospel principles, as he came to his baptism alone. His wife and his son could not make it. It made me a little sad to not see them there, but he came alone, and also came alone to the church yesterday. He has a great testimony, and we hope that his wife and son’s heart will be softened and they will accept this gospel as well.

On the 20th, Merli was baptized by her grandfather and confirmed by him as well on Sunday. She is the cutest little girl! We have been visiting them and having family nights, and she loves us. She was so happy on the day of her baptism. Her older sisters are so great. They will come to church alone, while the parents are at home. We really try to get them to come, but the dad just doesn’t seem to budge. The mom is a lot more understanding, but we can’t force them. The dad did give her permission to be baptized, but still didn’t come to the service. That made me pretty mad. I’m gonna go talk to him sometime this week.

We are teaching Lisett’s little sisters, and we found out that the mom was also baptized when she was little!! Crazy right? The dad is still pretty closed off, but we are praying that he will open his heart, and take the time to listen to us. Her little sisters both accepted a baptismal date for the 3rd of September! Hopefully their dad will give them permission as well! As for Victor’s wife, Vilma, we are still visiting her and she is reading the Book of Mormon. I’m confident that in time she will be baptized within the next couple weeks. The most important thing is that the investigator has a spiritual experience. Whether reading the Book of Mormon, praying, or while we are teaching them. They NEED to feel that Spirit, and recognize that it is a sign from our Heavenly Father. Most investigators feel it, but they don’t realize what it is. That’s why we as missionaries help them understand what it is exactly that they are feeling. I love to teach. It’s such a good feeling when you teach a good lesson, they accept the commitment to read and pray, and we can promise them as representatives of Jesus Christ that they will receive that answer. And they really DO receive the answer. How grateful I am for my testimony of the Church. It is by the power of a simple testimony that one may feel the Spirit. When I testify of this gospel, I can literally feel my chest burn. And its that burn that testifies to me that what I’m saying is true. I’ve had investigators that no matter how hard we try, no matter how hard we pray; they just don’t accept the gospel. And I cry. There’s nothing sadder, to me, than to see someone that I’ve come to love deny the gospel. I look at them as literally my brothers and sisters, and I care so much for them. But then again, the pure joy that comes from seeing these people I love accept the gospel is incomparable.  The people of Perú have my heart. I love these people so much.

So dad, good news! I have a way for you to get packages to me for cheaper, and faster! Elder Rogers (yes, like the Best Two Years) gave me a card of a company in Salt Lake that sends packages to Perú, and only Perú. Its called, “El Inka Envios”. They send whatever. Elder Rogers is from South Jordan, and his parents have been using it for a while now. He tells me that they don’t open it up, and its 100% safe. Another kid, Elder Sperry from SLC, his parents use it as well. They have sent him Ecco shoes, and iPod, and everything has gotten here safely. Anyway, I would trust in this company. The number is: 801-548-0561 or 801-301-1301. Address: 1604 S. Prospect St. SLC UT 84104. Give it a try! I hear it’s a lot cheaper, and the package Elder Rogers had got here in a week. A WEEK!!! Haha, so let me know next week what you decide to do. But PLEASE send the camera! I want it so badly! But when you send the camera, make sure to use bubble wrap.

Here are some IDEAS for the package: Be sure to send pics, LETTERS, as well as a tape in the package! A bottle of Dewski too… (But make sure to like triple bag it, that’s what Whittakers mom does). Sunflower seeds – Spitz, drink mixes (I don’t remember the name of the little individual mixes we always have in the pantry – Lemonade, pink lemonade, koolaide, etc.), mangoes, a page or two of Sunday comics couldn’t hurt. A multi color scripture marker (lost it along with my scriptures when we were proselyting in Chancay). EFY CD’s for 2010 and 2011. Deodorant - Red Spice Swagger. More Nivea chapstick. Small calendar. Something that a missionary does is he records voice on a digital recorder and sends it with his emails! If you'd like weekly clips of voice, look it up! Look as well for ideas on the internet for ideas for good package fillers. :) Oh and mom, something for the Stake Presidents family would be really cool. Doesn’t matter what it is, but something small to show our appreciation for all they do for us. They sacrifice so much for us, and I want to do something for them. But all of what I wrote are just ideas! So whatever you can, I would greatly appreciate it.

Not much else is going on… Today I looked over all our expenses for the year and past year, and with the President we estimated what we would spend in the following year. That was fun…. Haha. Anyway, today we are all going to play soccer! Like we do almost every week! Haha, I am getting better, but my ankle still just bothers me. I am wearing the brace that the doc from the MTC gave me. Hopefully nothing tragic happens. But don’t worry, I am being careful. We had some jerseys custom made as an office and Williams went to pick them up today. Hopefully we can play with them! The assistants with another companionship in the office along with a ton of other missionaries went to Machu Picchu today, Whittaker and I turned down the offer, seeing that we want to go later on in the year. And besides, someone needs to be here in the office as well.

Anyway, I love all of you so much! Like I say every week, haha. Pretty crazy that in a week I’ll have been out a year! Can’t wait for the hump day package! But seriously think about that business to send it, and give them a call. Elder Andersen gets here today, but I dont know when we will be able to see him. Next week hopefully you'll have a picture of me and him! I am living some of the best days of my life here in Cuzco. Days to remember, for sure.

Take care everyone, till next week. Much love!!

PS, enjoy the pictures! One is a long exposure I did from a bridge here in our sector. The one of all us eating is after a multi zone conference we had here in Cusco.

Secretario Financiero
Misión Perú Cuzco
(51) 984-503-861
(51) 084-242-521
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