This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

April 2, 2011

Wow, what a week...‏

Another week has come and gone, just like that! This week sure has
been interesting. Where to begin...

This week has been full of success, rejection, etc, you name it. We
have been rejected so much, its kind of a bummer. I've been called a
liar, a fake, and gringo, I don't know how many times. But, looking
past all of that, I just have to remember who I am, why I'm here, and
the message I bring. I don't have a ton of time, this computer was
freaking out for like 15 minutes. :/ I was so stoked to hear from my
bro's!! Thanks so much for writing me guys, I really appreciate it. I
love to hear about your lives, and whats going on! Bridge, I told you
from the beginning that rap=crap. Jaja, I'm glad you finally realize
it now :) Tanner! Bro, way to go with your recital! You are doing so
good on the piano! Keep practicing, and when I get home, I expect to
hear even better! Ethan, dude your trip to St. George sounded like a
blast! That's sweet you got to go in the Caltons plane! Oh, mom, tell
Chloe and Chase congratulations for me! I'm stoked for them! And tell
Danielle as well! That's so great she's found "the one", lol. Send them
my love!

So anyway, our baptism didn't turn out this week. I've never seen
Satan work so hard! 2 weeks have passed, and still she hasn't been able
to be baptized. Its really made me realize how real Satan is, and how
hard he works on us as missionaries, and even more on our
investigators. But, I know that we have power over him and his lies,
so we will move forward everyday without rest!

I am continuing to learn so so much. Every day I learn something new.
These skills and habits I learn here in the mission will help me
throughout my life! I love my mission more than anything. This really
is the best thing I can be doing right now. Even though at times I get
down. When I was called a liar and a fake, it hurt. I was down for
almost that whole day. But I talked with Humberto, and he helped me a
lot. How can I get down and discouraged, when we have this knowledge
and hope? I will for now on try my best to continue to be positive and
share my smile! :) I hope you enjoy the pictures this week! We hiked a
huge mountain, and today were going to Lampa to check out a cave!

Anyway, I have to go now! Mom, my old pensionista and their family
loved the gifts! Good job! I hope that everyone is doing well, and in
good health! I love you ALL more than you know. Keep your heads up,
and keep reading the scriptures and having FHE. Mom, get me some good
FHE ideas! Porfavorrrr!!!! I continually pray for each and every one
of you. Keep my investigators in your prayers. We've been finding a
ton of people to teach, and its truly an answer to my prayers.

Hasta la proxima semana,
Elder Christensen

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