This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

April 2, 2011

De Perù, con amor.‏

Well, another week has come and gone just like that. Were almost done
with March! Crazy how time flies.

So, as you all know, I'm training a new missionary. Elder Aguilar. He
is fresh out of the CCM, and is as green as can be. Jaja, I love it
though. He has a desire to learn and to work, and I'm showing him the
ropes. I'm trying my very best to be a good example to him. Waking up
at 6:30 on the dot, exercising, studying, all that jazz. I LOVE the
exercise bands you sent me!! They are fantastic. All that I'm missing
now are the Perfect Push ups. ;) I'm keeping up my physique pretty
easily. Especially when the food isn't all that great here. Last week
I was sick for about 5 days, but now I'm better! We live with members
as you know, and the mom is a nurse. She takes good care of me! My
pensionista is the best. Hermana Paulita!! I love her to death. She is
the abuela that lives here with her son. Hermano Humberto, her son, is
a former stake president, bishop, and missionary. He is amazing. We
always love to talk about the gospel while were eating, and I learn so
much from him. So, I know its a little late to be telling you about
the people we live with, but yeah! Its great here!

We have been given a new key indicator by our president, and its to
contact 20 people either in the street or knocking doors, every day.
That's 140 every week! So, its been really great talking to more and
more people. We have been finding more people to teach, finally. Its
been kinda slow, but I've been praying super hard every day that the
Lord will lead us to people who are ready to hear the gospel and
accept it with open arms. We finally confirmed Nidian yesterday!! So I
was pretty stoked about that. We were supposed to have a baptism on
Saturday, but she had to travel to Puno that day, so she couldn't come.
It was a bummer because we had everything set up, the water warm, all
ready to go! But her mom showed up and told us that she couldn't make
it. :( We were bummed, especially because it was supposed to be my
comps first baptism. But yes or yes, she will be baptized this week!
She is so awesome and always reads her BOM, and has prayed and has a
testimony. Its a feeling that I've never felt before to see my own
investigators accept this gospel and to see the happiness that comes
from it. Missions are the best!!! I cant wait to help more people
accept Jesus Christ and to live His Gospel. Something that kind of
bothers me here in our zone is that the missionaries talk about
numbers a lot. They talk about missionaries who have baptized over 100
people in their missions and that they are the best missionaries!....
that's all fine and dandy, but it saddens me that they focus on the
numbers, and not the fact that they are people, and souls. I will not
come home to be judged of the number of people I have baptized. I work
my hardest with the investigators that I have, to truly convert them.
I can honestly feel a genuine love for them and I want the best for
them! I want them to feel the love of the Savior in their lives. I
want them to know that there is something more in their lives. I love
teaching them the Plan of Happiness and seeing their eyes widen when
they hear that this death isn't the end. I will work my hardest until
the day I come home. I wont come home one day early. This is MY
mission, and MY time to serve God. He is on our side, and nothing can
stop us.

I love you all so very very much. Know that you are all in my prayers.
Ma, thanks SO much for sending me my Patriarchal Blessing. I have
missed it so much! Bridger, congrats brotha!!! I'm so stoked for you,
you'll have to send me a copy when you get it! I want to read it. :) I
miss you all, but my head is where its supposed to be, and I'm working
hard! Keep trying your best to progress spiritually, and live this
Gospel. I hope all of you are in good health, and continue so. Keep me
and my investigators in your prayers please! I love you so much. Have
an amazing week!

Con mucho amor, siempre,
Elder Christensen

PS Sorry about not having pics, next week! :) oh and the scripture
this week is Helaman 5:12. Love it.

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