This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

May 4, 2011

Elder Christensen...!‏

Hello everyone!

So, this week went by really quick. For a couple of reasons. With me
being a trainer, I was able to travel to Cusco with the District and
Zone Leaders for a leadership conference with President. So we left
Thursday afternoon, and got there around 10 at night. Travel here is
purely through tour buses. And its quite cheap! To go to Cusco from
Juliaca, was like 20 soles. That's about... 7 bucks. And we sat on the
first floor with huge seats, that lay back into a bed basically. Not
too shabby. So I learned a lot in our conference, about being an
example to my comp and teaching him good habits now, while he is
starting. I love training, I really do. But after the conference we
went to the Plaza de Armas and.... ate at McDonalds. The first time I
was there, even though I had about 4 months in the mish, I didn't eat
it. But.... I gave in this time. We all went to eat. The Assistants,
and a bunch of other elders. I ordered a McChicken w/bacon. It was
pretty good... I won't lie. Especially the fries. :) We returned to
Juliaca and the ever growing bitter cold at 430am Saturday morning.
The bus ride home was terrible. It was freezing. I'm now paying that
price with a cold. But, what else is new? I've been cold for my whole
mission. And recently winter is coming. Not too stoked to be working
here in the winter. But what is cool about Juliaca is that before,
this zone was the HARDEST zone in the mission. It had a terrible rep
for being impossible to baptize, and every change it was only 2 or 3
baptisms in the entire zone. WE turned that around. This month of
march, we as a zone baptized 26 people, with the highest number of
baptisms in all the zones in the mission. BAM. We are the "Zone of
Excellence". President asked all of the leaders in our zone to stand
up, and they gave us an applause. Then his assistant said, "If Juliaca
can do it, any zone can!" Hahaha. Gotta laugh... But other than that,
its still dusty, rainy, cold, with mud in all the streets. I rarely go
a day without stepping in mud. Haha, oh well, just gotta laugh about

We were indeed able to watch Conference this Saturday and Sunday!! I
was able to see Rachel in the choir! She looked great, and I bet Eric
was super stoked to see her! I was sooo soo stoked to hear it. It
seems like yesterday I was watching it in the CCM with all my awesome
friends I've made there. Yes, I have passed the 7 month mark. Its
pretty easy to remember right? Seeing that I started on the 1st of a
month. I loved all of the talks. I took great notes, and we will
receive the Liahona, or the Ensign in English next month here Dad, so
don't worry about sending me a copy. I don't have much time to talk
about the talks, but we watched it in a tiny room here in our stake
center, because that was the only room with an extra TV, and we did
watch it in English, thankfully!

I am glad to hear that everyone is doing so well! Please send my love
to Grandma Christensen... I am continually praying for her and
grandpa. I miss them oh so much! I am continually working my hardest,
putting my trust in God, and I know He will take care of me. These two
weeks have been pretty... well you know. Not great. But with
Conference I have a renewed confidence that I can do this! I remember
my divine calling as a missionary, and my eternal heritage. I'm
growing through these trials more than I have ever thought, and I
thank my Heavenly Father every day for them. Its hard, its the hardest
thing I've ever done. Even harder than the LOTOJA. But just like that
race, I WILL finish, and nothing will get in my way! I love you all
more than you know. Keep my investigators in your prayers please. They
need it more than I do. When you get the chance, if you can send me my
film camera that I have in my closet.. would be great. Its a Canon. I
want to start using that as well. I am running low on my Mike N Ikes
as well... Just to let you know... Oh, and I'm getting kinda sick of
my usual ties... Hahah. I got the 3 postcards from Jacquie, tell her
Happy Birthday for me!! And get on mike, tell that dude to write me! I
am keeping you all in my prayers! And mom and dad, I always love you
read your advice, and warming thoughts. They always give me a boost
every week. I am so very grateful for you two. Thank you for always
sacrificing for our family. And mom, I'm still keeping my promise to
you. I'm not letting you down, and I never will. I love you oh so
much! Take care everyone. I hope that I hear from you all very soon!

Elder Jordan Van Christensen

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