This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

March 9, 2011

Elder Christensen‏

Helloooo everyone!

How is it going back in the states? Sure hope all is well. Things here
are going great! The work is progressing still, and we have some
pretty good investigators that could be baptized within the next two
weeks. I have been really working hard to be able to help them
progress. We had 8 investigators in sacrament meeting on Sunday!!
Booya. We as of now have Margerie with a baptismal date for the 19th
this month! Unfortunately we haven't gotten Nidian confirmed yet... But
it'll happen soon! As of now I don't have a companion yet. He will be
here tomorrow, but I still wont know who it is until tonight.

I am staying with our ZL´s right now. So funny story. We were late
getting to the bus terminal to send Elder Parraga to Cusco, and the
bus had left. Whoops... So, we had them call the driver and tell them
to wait for us. They were 10-15 minutes away, so we took and taxi and
told him to step on it. On our way to where the bus was, I was like,
wait... I'm gonna be alone!! Hahaha, so... after he got on the bus, I
took the same taxi back into Juliaca to our room. It was such a
strange feeling being without another elder! But thankfully I was able
to be with the husband of our pensionista, who is completely deaf. I
called the ZLs and met up with them. So all is well now!

My bday went well! As you can see from the pictures, its a tradition
to introduce my face to the cake. I had my face shoved in 3 cakes!!
Haha, man. On my birthday day however, I spent it working and
proselyting. On Sunday is when we visited everyone and that's basically
when everyone celebrated it. It was a really good day! So, real quick
funny story. We were at a members house and there we celebrated my
birthday with a cake that read: "¡Feliz Dia Gringo!" Hahaha, awesome,
I know. So, they wanted to give a farewell to Elder Parraga as well.
They put both of our faces in the cake. But what happened is that
after they shoved our faces in the cake, the cake fell and landed on
Hna. Sandra with her baby!! Oh man, good times.

I also appeared in this months issue of the Liahona! Its in a section
called "Local Pages". The local pages is all of northern South
America, I will send it to you. It was the day of December 23rd..
Remember that day?

Carnivals have started here in Juliaca. Its a gigantic 15 day long
party. Drunks, weird Peruvian women, and lots of water fights, silly
string stuff, and hitting people with flour filled pantyhose. It's
pretty crazy here.

Thank you Jacquie for your package!!! I love love loved it. The tie is
awesome, and I LOVE the RVCA shirt! I sent the Whimpeys a postcard as
well as Jacquie.

I had a dream recently where my comp and I (parraga) were in a
conference with the first presidency. President Monson told us that
within the space of 2 years, Christ would come again. Wooooahhh!!! I
was tripped out and realized I need to repent and get better. I
realize that it was just a dream, but it sure felt real.

The Scripture of the Week is found in Isaiah chapter 41 verse 10. We
as missionaries should NEVER fear, because after all, God is on our
side. I love all of you soo so much. I was stoked to hear from Tate!!
I love you man! Thanks for the quick note. Let me know how things are
doing back at home. I wish all of you the best! I hope this letter
finds you all in good health and tell Grandma Christensen that I love
her! I hope they are doing well. Relate my love to everyone back at
home. I am keeping you ALL in my prayers.

Yours truly,
Elder Christensen

Drawing by Elder Christensen

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