This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

June 28, 2011

From Southern Perù... con tanto amor.‏

So lets see if I can give you all an adequate (sp?) update on the
things that are going on here in Juliaca.

Lately, we have been really working hard. We were blessed 
with a golden reference from a member, and we have been teaching her. 
The first lesson we met with her, we challenged her to baptism, and she
accepted! She will be baptized this Saturday. As far as our other
investigators, they have been traveling, havent attended church, and
thus, they were unable to be baptize them. But, things are really
looking up for these next two weeks. We are confident, and have been
fasting and praying for our investigators to be able to feel a real
desire to be baptized. I hope that they will feel the Holy Ghost
testify to them that this IS the true church.

On to another subject. Johnny. So, he's reading the Book of Mormon,
and has told us and promised us that he will follow Moroni's promise
to find out for himself. He told us he will put away the anti mormon
literature until he has read it front to back. He is a really good
guy, but has a hard time believing, "So you're telling me that the
only way that I can be saved is by baptizing me in the Mormon church?"
He feels that when he was baptized he really felt a change of heart,
and that what he felt was absolutely real. We continue to explain
little by little the importance of the Book of Mormon. I just hope
that he will receive an answer quick. If not, then I'm sure that he
will when he is back in Texas. I will have to for sure pass the
reference along to the missionaries where he lives. As of now, he
doesnt have a house, seeing as that he got a divorce before he met his
wife from Perù. She has the house, but he has all my info, as well as
the phone numbers of you guys. I will be passing along his info in
another email. Anyway, just keep him in your prayers, and have faith
that he will see the light!

Other than those things, things are going pretty well. Things are
starting to get really cold. Now, you see in the forcast the
temperature, put i bet it doesnt include the wind chill factor! It is
literally freezing here in southern Perù. The water is starting to
freeze over night, and i still have my cold. :/ Not super stoked to
have it, but oh well! Oh, and I dont know if you remember, but when we
talked on the phone, I asked for you to send my film camera... But, if
you could send the one that Uncle Mike gave to ethan, that would be
perfect! Its the really old one, I think it is the brand Minolta. Eth
should know where it is. So, whenever you get around to sending the
next package, send that one! I would be sure to wrap it really well,
and maybe hide it in an empty bag of some type of candy. Or send it in
one of the manilla yellow bubble envelopes. That would work as well.
But just wrap it well. And if you can, include some film as well. Both
color, and black and white. Thanks!! You are the best!!!

I am stoked for the next package! You guys really do love me, huh?
(teary voice) Jaja, I love you all, and I'm stoked for the food! So
how are things going on at home? Dad, figure out flickr and upload
pics! So, in the pictures I included is of us cooking Octopus Ceviche.
Sooo goood.... The finished product is included as well. I will have
to cook some up when I get home. Prepare your stomachs....

I hear that Patrice is updating my blog! So thank you!! You rock.

I dont know what else I have to update you on, I just hope that all
continues to go well, as you all continue to rely completely on the
good Lord. You're all in my prayers. Stay in touch!

Love Elder Christensen

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