This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

April 4, 2010

Mexico. Part Two.

Caribbean life is rough. The noisy ocean waves waking me up while I'm trying to nap on the beach, the 80 degree humid weather making my skin all moist, the hot sun burning my shoulders, and the refreshing breeze that messes your hair up. Not to mention all of the delicious food that just keeps coming and coming! This just sucks.

Not. I love it here in Mexico and can't get enough of it! Its already Sunday, time has flown by way too fast, and its already half way gone. Well, lets see what has gone on in the last couple days...

I have yet to take my jog on the beach. Haha. Go figure. I definitely slept in, and enjoyed it. I did however get my workout on in the facility they have here at the condos. So I did do something, which made me feel better! Then we all had some breakfast. We decided to head down to the beach and just relax for a while. Just laying there with the sun bearing down on you, just puts you to sleep. Its so great being here with the family. I'm treasuring it for what its worth, because I know how much I'll miss it when I'm gone.

In the end, after all is said and done, your family will always be there.

How true that is. A lot has happened over just the last couple months. A lot of fun, laughs, and heartbreak. But at the end of the day, just knowing that I have someone to talk to and will listen, that they look up to me, and that they love me just gives me so much comfort. I love my family.

Walking the streets of Mexico has really been a culture shock. People living in metal/wooden shacks, clothes drying on clotheslines through alleyways, and everything is really dirty and broken down. (At least in the parts where people live.) It amazes me to see how the people live. Look at us. Look where we live. We have it SO good. I cannot believe how blessed I am. Every day I wake up in a bed, with a roof over my head, and I don't have to worry about my next meal. We have cars, we have great education oppurtunitites, and we have a Temple right in town. Some of these families save money their whole life just so they can make the trip to the temple. I am on vacation. In Mexico nonetheless! I am so utterly grateful for everything that I have, and for the hard work that my mom and dad put in so that we are able to make such great memories. Thank you guys, I love you.

Later in the evening we walked 5th Avenue, which is a famous street in Playa Del Carmen. You can find anything you want in these shops, and its pretty fun to barter with the locals for merch. My little brothers bought some pretty legit/fake Oakleys. These things look so real, they even have the "Made in the USA" imprint on the inside of the frame. I found a really cool knitted backpack that I bought for like 9 bucks. Totally worth it. On our way home, we stopped at a taco stand just off to the side of the street. Everyone got a couple tacos, which were so delicious. I can't get enough of the food here!! I just love it.

Yesterday morning was a lazy morning to say the least. My mom wanted to do an Easter egg hunt, so we went to the pool for a little while and came back to an Easter egg hunt, and breakfast: eggs, sausage, and pancakes all ready! It was verrry tastful. After we ate, we packed up and got ready for our day at Tulum with the rest of the family.

Tulum is a city about 45 mins south of Playa Del Carmen where we are staying. Playa Del Carmen is about 25 mins south of Cancun, just to give you an idea. Anyway, we get to Tulum and meet up with the family and have some fun on the beach/ocean. Then we showered and got ready for our Salsa lesson! Our instructor was pretty femmy, but boy did he know how to dance. Me and my cousin Montana got it down, and we were salsa-ing like it was nobodys business. So, I can kinda safely say that I know how to salsa! It is however a lot easier when you dance with someone who also knows how to salsa. My other cousin Parker dragged me over to ask some girls to dance, and we ended up having a lot of fun! Except, she didn't really know how to salsa, so we just kind of did our own thing, haha. Dinner was great, the steak fajitas never seem to fail me.
This morning we woke up early and went to a resort called "Xel-Ha" with the whole family. This place is breathtaking. It really is. We got there and found a cabana to keep our stuff at and to basically be the home base for the day. All the food and drinks are included, along with a lot of other things. We snorkeled, cliff jumped, rode bikes, and the highlight of the trip: swimming with dolphins. That is something I will never forget! It was such a fantastic experience. If you ever get the chance to do it, I would fully recommend it.

Apparently there is a huge storm warning over Utah? Ahh... I really did pick a great time to get out of that place.

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