This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

March 17, 2010


Spring break in Arizona. Its a comfortable 78 degrees and shining every day, what more could you want for spring break? Well, its been quite a fun 4 days here in Phoenix. I ate some real sushi for the first time, slept under a tree in a park, and have just had some real worry-free, quality time here. For the most part.

When we were walking in downtown on our way back to the car, I heard a scream up the road. I couldn't see anyone though. As we get closer, I realize that it was coming from this old Native American lady sitting in a bus stop with her Mexican buddy, who didn't speak a lick of ingles. This is how the situation unfolded:

The lady proceeds to say, "Heeyyyy! W-wait a minute! Could you guys do mee the favor of.. lending me onethousand dollarsss?" (in slurred speech). Eric then says, "Well, we would if we had it!" Then she says, "Okayy well let me tell you a joke while you're at it..." (proceeds to tell dirty, dirty jokes.) Jarom then says, "Well, we gotta go now were late for a meeting!" To that she says, "Waaaaiiit!!!!"........... and we continue on our way. I then burst out in laughter unable to contain myself anymore. Things like this make things like walking aimlessly around town quite enjoyable.

Last night we drove around looking for a place to have dinner. We stopped at the first place that looked somewhat harmless. Padres was the name of the restaurant. It was so delicious! Some of the best Mexican food I have ever had. We sat down at about 7:30 to a traditional patio setting. Lights zig-zagging overhead from building to building, murals lining the walls, people laughing, and some soft authentic mariachi music playing in the background. We had a fantastic time. Afterwards, we all decided to go down to the hot tub and discuss politics, the gospel, and whatever else our discussion would lead to, over a cold bottle of Martinellis.

Yet... all the while, even with these fun times, it is still on my mind. Day after day. Being here just makes it constant, and that doesn't help. I try and just push it aside, but there is always something that I see, hear, or even taste that reminds me. Ahh.. Arizona, it's been bittersweet. Till we meet again.

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