This Is Peru!

This Is Peru!

October 8, 2011

D&C 29:7‏

Hey everyone,

Well, this week has been great! It´s gone by pretty quick as well. Last Saturday, we had Carol’s baptism! She was confirmed yesterday. She had been attending church for 4 months or more, but had never really had the desire to be baptized. We talked with her, and a few weeks ago she came up to me and said, “Quiero ser bautizada, pero dame un poco de tiempo. Quiero estar bien segura de lo que voy hacer.” Awesome! So we were stoked. We have been teaching her this last week, and she already knows that the church is true, and everything! It was great. We went over the baptismal interview with her, and she passed with flying colors. I have attached a pic of the baptism, so enjoy!

We visited Medaly yesterday, after a while. She has been busy working and teaching dance to little kids. Pretty cool! I don’t know if you remember her, but she is one of our old investigators that have been listening to us for 2 months or so and nothing. So, we decided to give her time, and come back later. She said that she didn’t come to church today because she had heard some things from one of her friends about the church that isn’t true. We cleared her doubt up, and she said, “Okay! I’ll come next week then!” We’re hoping that she will read the Book of Mormon like we challenged her to, and receive the answer that she is looking for. She has said in the past things like: “Do you think I would be a good missionary?” or “I know that if I ask, I’ll receive an answer, and I’m afraid.” She just needs to gather up some faith, and I know that she will be baptized.

We have been loving our new house. It’s actually a house! Were officially out of the “apartment” status. Even though its one floor, we love it. It has a big patio in front of the house, as well as another towards the back. The only funny thing is that if we open our bedroom window, we look into another person’s patio where they do their laundry, play, and shower…. Hahaha. Gotta be careful. It gets kinda cold at night, and my throat is really killin me right now.

I can’t really explain what the problem with money was, but after so long, its finally taken care of! I know this might sound silly, but I was so stressed and down about it. I was sitting in my office, said a quick prayer, and the first thought that came to my head was, “Go talk to President.” So, I did just that. He really helped me so much. He set everything that he was doing aside and said, “Ok Elder, let’s get this figured out.” We sat down and talked, and then just at that moment, the exact man that I needed to talk to in Lima called asking for me! We transferred the call to Presidents office and we all 3 talked about the situation. It was all resolved in a short 10 minute call. Can you believe it? Talk about an answer to prayer. I don’t know how it sounds to you guys, but to me personally, it was an answer to prayer.

Let me know if you got to talk to Sister Rogers about the package and stuff. And please tell me you sent off the MINOLTA camera…. Haha. It’s totally safe! Send film as well! :)

I can’t wait to get the year package! Thanks so much for that. Have you talked to Whittaker’s mom yet, mom? If not, her number is: 801-510-0587. Don’t remember if I gave it to you yet, but if not, there ya go…. Ha, well, actually he just told me that she talked to you for like 2 hours? Nice! Hopefully you two get along well just like we do!

I love my mission. I learn so much each day, and I know that we are being led by the Spirit to those who are elected. In D&C 29:7, it explains exactly why we are called. To bring to pass the gathering of the elect. Those who are elect, will hear us and not harden their hearts. 

Well, I can’t think of anything else, and I gotta go! Take care everyone.


Secretario Financiero
Misión Perú Cuzco
(51) 984-503-861
(51) 084-242-521
RPM #623574

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